We read...

We read to know that we are not alone.” ― C.S. Lewis

The Pilgrims Progress (Bunyan)- A book that reached my mom when she was a teen-translated to more languages than any other book besides the Bible

A Guide to Elegance (Dariaux)- great how to on proper dress for different occasions when it matters

The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life (Hannah Whitall Smith 1883)- A good read and felt like I was taken into the past whenever I picked it up

French Women for All Seasons- (Mireille Guiliano) honor of my mom, great recipes included along with the reading

Wild at Heart (Eldredge)- read with Luke

Captivating (Eldredge)- read as follow up to Wild at Heart.  A very good read

For Women Only (Feldhahn) - worth reading, not long at all

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Betty Smith) -read on recommendation

His Family (Ernest Poole) -got off of a book list, really interesting

Magnificent Ambersons (Tarkington)- very good, really liked the history woven into each chapter

The Shunning (Beverly Lewis)-Haven't read the others, but this was a realistic look into Amish life from what I've seen in Northern IN when visiting family

Little House on the Prairie series (Wilder)- refreshing, educational, inspirational

The Chronicles of Narnia (Lewis)- Every child should have the chance to hear these read aloud

Crossing Oceans (Holmes)-received as a gift.  It reminded me of a Francine Rivers novel

1984 (Orwell)-A paradigm shift book that will make you leery of too much government control in society-kind of depressing overall

Brave New World-(Aldous Huxley) very similar to 1984 but everything is glossed over by a fake happiness...which makes you reconsider what true happiness really is.

Desiring God (Piper)-controversial, I don't want list out a huge long opinion on it here.  I wish we as a body of believers could talk about these issues without losing our passion...but not point it at each other either. If we all respected each other, there could be some dialogue and we could all grow without wasting our precious energy on arguing.

Mark of the Lion series (Rivers)- One of those finished the second one ran to the library 20 seconds later to get the third kind of books.

Redeeming Love (Rivers)-quite a few people would list this as one of their top Christian fiction reads.  I  found it was a book that made me feel sad when I wasn't even reading it...then I would remember the story line and realize why I was kind of feeling down.

Atonement Child (Rivers)-Very gripping especially if someone was searching for their stand on abortion/adoption.

Leota's Garden (Rivers)-I don't remember this one that well...I do recall that it made me leery of euthanasia-so it must have made an impact of some kind.

Born to Run (McDougall)-VERY interesting.  I read this a few months after changing my running stride to POSE form, so I was shaking my head in agreement nearly the whole time. =)  Aside from a few instances of bad language and a section on the perfect evolution of the foot I thought it was great.  It seemed odd the book took several pages to describe the perfect bridge like engineering of the foot bones and then said they somehow evolved.  It's a book that could change your life if you want to run long term and struggle with injuries from heel striking.

Fearless (Blehm)-Wow.  An amazing testimony and a peak into SEAL training.  Made me cry...several times.  Made Luke cry when he read it and that doesn't happen very often.  A good read.

The Hunger Game series (Collins)- I still can't figure out why the careers don't go get their night vision gear the first time miss Everdeen (oh so close to evergreen...it must have been tempting) is up a tree...and if Glimmer can't use a bow well...I don't know why she would be lugging it around...but it's fiction and a pretty good trilogy read none the less. ;)

For the kids...

Little Britches (R Moody)- A read aloud to the boys. Very good early American history throughout, had to filter out a few colorful words while reading it. =)

Indian in the Cupboard (Lynne Reid Banks)-  The boys laughed and laughed

21 balloons (William Pène Du Bois)- Mind popping=) for me and the boys

Noah likes traditional series books like The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Box Car Children, Bobbsey Twins-but you knew kids liked those already...;)

The BFG, Danny Champion of the World, Fantastic Mr. Fox (Roald Dahl)- The boys thought these were...fantastic ;)

Strawberry Girl (Lois Lenski)- not riveting, but the boys enjoyed the look into FL life

more when I get a chance to list or read...

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