Never thought I would...

  • scuba dive on senior trip with mom and dad (Jamaica '02)
  • run a horse on a beach (Jamaica '02)
  • Give address at high school graduation (goal from 8th grade on) 
  • spend honeymoon on a little island in Canada...and like it...even after being dumped out of a boat with Luke in the middle of now where.  You'll have to inquire about that story sometime ;)
  • Be a mother to five consecutive boys (March 2011)

  • endeavor in photography...and like it...most of the time  
  • be obsessed with finding the right homemade chocolate yogurt recipe
  • be addicted to lap swimming
  • learn to water and snow ski...and like it
  • finally prefer good black coffee instead of a mocha
  • have my father be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and have him well again
  • use a Neti pot and live to tell
  • have a MAC cosmetic consultation done
  • take down half a dozen oysters on the half shell
  • Hike a trail in the mountains with my little one in Arizona
  • spend a date night at a firing range
  • point to a place on google maps and plan a trip without over planning everything! (FL 2012) 
  • Write Luke a love song and sing it to him (2002/2012)
  • completed Gnaw Bone IN Marathon 2012

  • Get over my writing insecurities enough to start a work of fiction...slow going but it's so fun...90,000 words and counting (2012).
  • Participate in an iron man event-completed July 7th 2012 (event modified due to severe heat)
  • Finish a half/70.3 event-completed August 26th 2012.  Met race goals for swim and bike but dogged the run.  Next time...=)   
  • Visit Italy for Luke and I's ten year wedding anniversary

  • Finally...after five boys, be pregnant with a little girl :)  Must have been the Italy lingering in my blood from our trip. ;)

  • Learn to knit

  • Have a city coop of chickens /Hatch chicks for home school
  • Have a baby girl...Gisella Rene`

  • Train to be a Classical Conversations Tutor (2015) Challenge A


Kaitlin said...

This list is so wonderful. I loved exploring each accomplishment/experience with you. Great idea!

Annette Bahler said...

well that was an emotional read! I love you soo much, I love that you take on life, I mean REALLY take on life.

Sounded like a Schaffer bash this week-end and a strong finish to the beautifully huge lunch. Maybe next year I can join to clutter up the lunch, "Mathew" style, ha

L, Ann and boys said...

well thanks mama :) love you