Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January stuff...

Well...this cute little squish ball has been getting all my time and I mean all of it.  Over the Fall break of school and through the holiday season I pretty much just soaked in the love and now I have a two month old. WHAT?  His head is in the 90th percentile and he's pushing 14 pounds so I think he's settled into eating enough without too much trouble.  He'll need the size being the youngest of six brothers. May the force be with him. ;) ha

 When I wasn't feeding or holding the new little one, I got to help Noah with his first science fair project.  Super fun.  I never did one in school, so I got to live through Noah's and this project. ha

We made an electrophoresis gel (used to match DNA samples) to test different candy dye coatings.

Agar gel setting up in a soap dish.
 here are the results of the green dye...not that it makes much sense without the full explanation but the dye split into yellow and blue bands as seen in the picture as it moved through the gel from it's starting point.  How far the color band moves showed the size of the color particles.  bigger ones have a harder time moving through the gel.  pretty fab to see it actually work.
 Also tested red dye
 Hooking up the electricity to get the dye to moved-we used batteries (9V) to power it.
Side view of how far the color band moved- it started at the second grey line on the soap dish
 annnnnd a top view...
 and random other pictures we took for Noah's poster of collecting the colors and gel prep :)

 And that's what's been going on around here lately! :)
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emilykate said...

sweet baby, wish I could have seen him on Sunday!