Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Retro Fitted CargoTrailer in pictures ...

So the trailer... Luke isn't a huge camper type person but I really like it so the trailer is our way of making it work.  It's got a full sized bed and we have room to haul 8 bikes and two paddle boards.  Boom. :D
 It is a bunk house style cargo trailer-so no plumbing except for a hand pump sink for brushing teeth and washing hands etc.  Our "toilet" situation is stopping on the road while driving and using the camp ground facilities...but if it's raining or the middle of the night or...the three year old consistently prefers the trailer toilet, this bucket with a double bag system comes into play.  I'll spare you the details but it's hygienic and not as gross as it sounds.  If you can deal with baby diapers...this is more simple than that.
 We had campground showers most of the time but this tub was easier for Gi than walking her over there and I used it for washing some really dirty clothes too.  Basically back to pioneer era. :)
 This is what putting in all the insulation looked like...half the OSB had to come off and be rehung to do it.  

 I think the boys learned a lot though...they cut a lot of the foam board

 Some clearance lament flooring started to really class things up. :D
 We had to rewire some stuff to put in the air conditioner/heater and our light.  I installed a 30 amp breaker and threaded wires through the was actually really fun. :D
 Paneling going up...
 I installed this light, we hang a battery powered lamp on it for when we don't have the trailer plugged in.
 No VOC paint for the pregnant mama...
 Air conditioner in the same day it arrived...three days before leaving for Boston. :)  We cut it pretty close.
 This was a left over cabinet we found at Menards that was really narrow, works great for 7 gallon water cans for the sink.  We rubber band the doors handles for when we drive so the water stays put.
 Almost done...
 Hammock hooks for if we all sleep in the trailer.  We mostly have the boys out in the tents though.
 What it looks like in travel mode.  when we stop, the bikes come out first and then we can roll out the nicer rug and get comfy.  The trailer doesn't shake too much, so we just wheel the bikes in and pile them up with too much ceremony.
 Giselle's bed gets thrown on the full sized bed while we drive and we drape things to dry while we are driving too. :D
 We use a cooler with ice for food storage and buy ice for it as we go at gas stations as it melts.  We put the ice in gallon bags so as it melts we can just dump it without hauling the cooler out to drain water.  We could use the water for washing dishes and stuff but usually we have water at each camp site and don't have to be frugal with it.  Below is a washing really messy clothes session.  

And that is the trailer as far as we know it.  I'm sure we'll learn things as we go.  The cork bard was $5.99 at Good Will-The cushion seat puff was $19 at Aldi- whoohoo.  I love that we already had the bed and we didn't have to buy the tents new as we had those as well.  The hammocks were $15 each.  Our goal was to do the whole project for under 10K, new trailer included, and we did.  The air conditioner/heater was the biggest added expense 8 months pregnant that was non-negotiable.  We hope to use it twice a year to and from vacation at a minimum :D  Negating the Hotel stays with two rooms for 4 nights a year, the trailer will pay itself off in about 12-ish years.  So it has to be about the camping experience too because it will take awhile to break even on our expenses.  It takes more gas to haul a trailer too, so you have to work that expense into traveling.  We really enjoyed our first trip in it though and think the kiddos will have some good memories from our travels using it (I hope).  :D
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aklopfen said...

Very cute! Love it.. I'm sure a lot of great memories will be had in it๐Ÿ˜€

emilykate said...

So cool! You guys are so creative. Sounds like you had fun doing it!

leah said...

oh my word, i am so impressed. just last night, we were talking about campers/trailers. neither of us are major campers, but this is my kind of camping! such neat memories for your family!

smw said...

This is AWESOME!!!!

Betsy said...

WOW! Can you patent this idea? Or go into business? It's amazing!

cathymascharka said...

It's even more spectacular in person...I wasn't expecting it to look like a luxury hotel room!
Hope you stop again on your next trip.

L, Ann and boys said...

Awww, hey Betsy �� If only we had the time for a side business. As it is, I have a feeling this will be the only one for awhile ��

L, Ann and boys said...

Thanks Cathy! ๐Ÿ˜Š