Sunday, October 30, 2016

Maternity shoot by Noah and Adrian

My sweet boys took some pictures for me before the moment got away...due in two weeks!  eeeeks half of them were blurry but I can work with that :D
 Gi was pretty sure this whole photo session was for her... ;)
 My little babies never "drop"yay for acid reflux... ;)
 I didn't realize she was copying my pose...ha...little mama
 And Luke found us out back for this quick shot...he's the best daddy around this guy :D

signature1 photo signature1_zps2d44e4ca.jpg


emilykate said...

Looking good! Excited to hear your baby news! Gi is SO cute.

leah said...

these are just beautiful. and yes, excited to hear your news!

Ashton said...

TWO WEEKS! This pregnancy flew! (I'm sure you feel that way, right?):)

smw said...

So sweet.

sarah.flyingkites said...

So cute - you look great!

I love the one of Gi copying you! :)