Monday, October 17, 2016

Last pictures from East Coast

While stopping at parks with a trailer takes a bit more set up and work...there are some very fun benefits for kids over hotels.  Lakes have fishing, kyaking and sand...unique features over a hotel pool.  One down side is that it needs to be warm enough outside to enjoy it. :)

 This was a river we camped by- no swimming but they definitely got their feet wet  exploring :)

 We were only in Boston one day.  We camped in Plymouth for three days.
 replica of the Mayflower 

 The characters on board were actors and the answered questions with only knowledge from their time period.  Basically a living history museum.  The boys talked to this fellow for about a half an hour. :)

 The famous Plymouth rock...
 chowder and lobster rolls...we just had to.

 Plymouth plantation living history museum

 Dinner at a farmers market that evening

 Lobster mac :)
It was a good trip.  I'm glad we made the effort.  It was a lot of driving but the stops were fun and we learned a lot about history...and camping with kiddos. :)
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sandra said...

We always love camping with our kiddos!!! So fun and enjoyable but then again I am a huge outdoor person and I grew up camping:)

Jenny Gutwein said...

There is a picture of you looking up at the same age as Gi.. deja vu for me :).

L, Ann and boys said...

awww, I always think she looks like Luke so that's nice to hear. :) Hope your exams went well!! :)

Dmasy said...

The retro camper needs to make a trip west to Texas.