Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Boston in the Fall...

Well first Gisella needed a bath before "going to town".  We were in our trailer without conventional RV plumbing (more pictures of trailer to come) so we had to go old school.
 she had a rubber duck so... she thought it was normal/acceptible :)
 We took the commuter rail line from Plymouth (Ellis Haven Park/campground) to South Station
 The boys were very excited about this mode of transportation to say the least

 The rest of these pictures are not in exact order... Jude man making himself at home on the streets
 Oldest tavern in the US
 Old stuff...everywhere...

 inspired by street performers...Jude puts on a show for those passing by :)
 Willem noticing how old this street is 
 Someone kindly offered to take a family picture for us
 Gi sulking in Paul Revere's kitchen garden because we wouldn't let her pick a pear off the tree
The stops were marked with these emblems on the sidewalk

 The tomb stones were very goth looking...many of the people buried were young so the skulls represent death taking a persons life too soon.
 this pulpit is still in of the oldest in the US
 Christian checking out a family booth
 Hop scotch as a nod to the Latin school still open today that Ben Franklin and others (Adams, Paine, Hooper..) attended (founded 1635 making it the oldest public school in America).  Since it's still open, it isn't open to public for touring (as far as I know).
 lunch stop

 Those little black dots are window still my heart that's scary.
 street performance-they pulled Adrian in and jumped/flipped over his head :D

Well of course we had to get some gelato for Gigi at this shop

Old North Church
 USS Constitution

We walked from noon to around 5p.  The kids were so done with walking by the end of the day.  Worth it but bring a stroller...maybe a double one :)

 Back to the station to ride home

 And that was our day on the Freedom Trail in pictures :D
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emilykate said...

This looks really fun! I've only been to Boston once but would love to go back!

Jenny Gutwein said...

So great, An!!! Did I see Northside (Italian)?!!! If not you would have loved it so!!!!

L, Ann and boys said...

we seemed to hit an area that was very Italian-esk. Not sure if it was "Northside" but Luke and I both noticed that all the sudden there was an Italian presence at one point. We basically walked everywhere so...the odds are good we walked near it at least :D Luke and I want to go back Emily for a grown up style trip next time. This was very kiddo education focused this time. :)

smw said...

This looks fabulous! I think I'll have to add Boston to the list of places to visit.

Ashton said...

So good to see photos of you guys again! I've been missing you.:( Looks like a great trip and the new trailer seems to be a hit. Also, that pregnant tummy is looking so cute!:)