Thursday, June 30, 2016

Life in pictures...

Field trip to Fair Oaks farms with cousins! :D  Very cool exhibits here, the kids loved it.  Dressed as vets in lab coats below
 Merry-Go-Round cow version 
 The climbing area with harnesses

 Small harnesses were too cute :)

 Magnetic wall climb
 Gi is officially potty trained-boom
 Spring-egg laying has picked up again
 garden boxes are planted

 We used a little electric tiller this year-worked well

 Jude is 9
 Pool time
 Ummm.... okay.... At least they left the walkie
 soccer finished up strong.  The younger boys enjoyed their first year
 nesting for baby...
 Clifty falls, we really enjoyed our time there and will be going back in Aug for my birthday overnight.
 Gi rode along in my "pack-pack" as she calls my 65L back pack. :D
 boys kept finding cool fossils :)

 Christian continues to be a wasp/bee magnet.  Stung in the ear-looked like a little elf.
 mud slide in the back yard with cousins...
 Mounds state park field trip with CC

 knitting obsession has picked up again while pregnant.  I've made a winter cap and now working on a blanket.
 Free couch set from a came over and we started pushing furniture around as she insisted they were way too cool to be in the basement.
 Sorting books for this school year
 And here is a bumpy picture.  I'm 20 weeks today and the time is FLYING by this pregnancy.  It's crazy.  We have an ultrasound this afternoon but I think we are going to wait for the huge reveal on gender at the birth this time.  You know...unless I "accidentally" see something today at the apt. ;)

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smw said...

I LOVE the note with the walkie talkie.

emilykate said...

fun to see an update from you! That round crib is so cute and you look great! I would not have guessed you at 20 weeks!

L, Ann and boys said...

my lungs know I'm 20 weeks because baby is already pushing up on them :D ha I always carry like a barrel until the's pretty classy. ;) haha I didn't find out at the ultrasound I'm committed to waiting it out. :P I've always wanted a round bassinet/crib and I gave my mini crib to Kait so I finally had an excuse to buy one for this little one! :) yay

sarah.flyingkites said...

oh my goodness. the walkie talkie thing!!!!! too much.

Are you hoping for another girl?!

L, Ann and boys said...

I think for Gi's sake a little girl would be great...but I'm pretty fond of little boys. :D ha