Monday, April 25, 2016

Life in pictures...

I officially hit the end-of-school-year-beginning-of-Spring crazies.  It's been pretty all over the place around here.  My house is never clean (despite my efforts), the kids are never clean (they have been in the mud just about everyday since the rain started) and I have a new niece and a new nephew!  :D

Fife Ida- I was so honored to be able to drive up for her sweet and calm arrival.  She is the cutest little thing.
 Adrian whipped this up for Gi :)
 Then little Atelier arrived!  I drove up for his brith too and it turned into an all nighter.  I was honored to meet him right when he arrived to and I could really hold him all day.  He is the cutest little bundle of boy.
 Gi at a fashion high...
 We had our end of year program for Classical Conversations.  Adrian chose Augustus Caesar for his paper/costume.  So cute
 I loved all of the kids tutors this year...
 Our Challenge A class presented a sentence in Latin 
 and Noah drew and ear from memory and added some commentary about ear piercing locations on the fly :D
 The boys started soccer at the local park league- games on Saturday have been fun
Christian informed the coach that "I'm pretty good" after scoring two goals. ha  Luke had to give him some tips on team spirit and encouraging his other teammates when they score as well. ;) haha
 Challenge A class slaves on for another 3 weeks after the younger kids finish. ;)
 A student map from memory...I won't show you mine (ha).... these kids are amazing.  I'd like to say I'm a super amazing tutor...but it's all the kids.
 Dissection day on the porch.
The kids not allowed to bug us but still trying to watch anyway... ;)  We let them come see everything after-don't worry.
 I'm not sure if the pig dissection will gross you out, so I'll post the starfish before we cut it open instead. ;)
 Luke and I finally logged another cooking night together after the kids where in bed.  We made beef wellington for the first time.  I think the fillet was a tad overcooked but still really good.  We'll have to try it again. :D
 My date in the moonlight... so romantic :D
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T and M said...

I think your cooking nights look fun! Ive been craving desserts...any suggestions on something fun and classy to bake/ make?
Well done on the cc tutoring!

L, Ann and boys said...

hmmmmm.... desserts. Have you ever made panna cotta? Its an Italian classic. Basically gelatin set milk/cream with pretty berries on top. I think I may have posted the recipe on this blog one time but I'm sure there are recipes for it online. They are really pretty and you can make them first then put them in the fridge to set while you make dinner. They do need to chill for an hour or two, so beware of that if you want to have dessert faster than that. ;)

L, Ann and boys said...

and thank you on the tutoring encouragement. I'm so proud of them. :D

emilykate said...

fun post! what sweet babes...

Love Gi's various outfits. ;) I've always wanted to try Beef Wellington! Nice work!

leah said...

i'm so impressed by those map skills! wow! this is a really fun post :)

Jenny Gutwein said...

Tell Noah we are learning the same thing ;)! Ask him which nerve innervates the middle ear/is involved in middle ear pain? That was one of my clicker/quiz questions today..

L, Ann and boys said...

I will ask him! I'm sure he will ask to get in the computer and look it up if he doesn't know... Extra computer time is a pretty big deal around here. :)