Saturday, March 5, 2016

Grenada in pictures...

Prim Ashton
 Luke and Jen going over anatomy with a guava shake
 the boys had some we let them tour guide us to their beach front
 Avo's face expression may be due to the fact that Uncle Luke doesn't let them get away with anything. ;) haha
 By Jen's apartment

 pretty building on Jen's campus
 Sailing is the thing around here...
 celebrity was sooooo pretty
 French press coffee on the first morning on the sail boat we stayed on
 Marina... we slept a bit more soundly when docked than the night we anchored out of the marina in open water.  We don't have sea legs I guess. :)
 ropes and rigging...
 serious breakfast!  Who knew you could make all this in a little sailboat kitchen :D
 Luke gets a chance at wheel while sailing
 Me not catching a fish with Craig...
 Tuna with rice and tropical salad with peppers and tomatoes...and other tropical fruit I'm not sure I can identify-maybe guava or papaya :)
 Tree is in bloom at the start of the dry pretty
 Local curry wrap

 old old water wheel used at the rum distillery

 pressed sugar cane used for fuel to heat the burner

 the press
 evaporating the cane juice
 burner under the distillery

 tiny tiny sample station :)
 they also had mango and chocolate rum varieties
 evaporation bowls not in use
 fruits grown at the chocolate plantation
 unripe cocoa pods...ripe is bright yellow or orange
 the white fruit on the outside of the bean inside the pod tastes like mango I thought
 Flowers and very little cocoa pods starting to grow
 if the pods are not picked, they dry up instead of falling down when ripe.  There are monkeys that will eat them, but pretty much they rot if people don't harvest them and make cocoa powder out of them.
 fermenting beans under banana leaves and then a jute bag for 6 days.  It felt really warm under the leaves from the fermentation process.
 Doing my part moving the beans around so they dry evenly in the sun.  The shell is still on so it's considered hygienic if you were thinking about my feet in the cocoa beans. :D haha

 with the outer shell removed. this part looks purple before drying and fermentation takes place.
 They don't export beans anymore, they make all the chocolate bars in house from all the beans they source.  We were told they sell the bars at Whole Foods in the US but I've never seen them or looked before so I don't know.
 The last house we stayed at was an AirBnB connection and was $50 US. :D  The water in the shower was room temp but hey, we got to see some real parts of Grenada and we were flying out the next morning early so we weren't too picky.  We had to balance out our cost on the sailboating. ;) ha

This fish sitting out by the window sill did NOT stink at all.  Must have been fresh.  this house was in a fishing area.

 right outside the house were the fishing boats
Thanks for having us Grenada!
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Ashton said...

Great photos! And it's so weird because I was just working on my Grenada photos yesterday (finally) and we have a lot of pretty much the same exact photos.:) haha. It's cool that we were in the same places. Too bad we couldn't go together. Or maybe Grenada couldn't handle all three of us girls at once.:)

L, Ann and boys said...

I really don't think they could...I mean think about they have enough mango rum for that. ;) ;) haha

leah said...

Wow - amazing pictures!

Daveana said...

I loved all the pictures of the beans. SO neat! Looks like a fun time! Loved the picture towards the top of the boat.

emilykate said...

Looks so fun! Glad it worked to go! The sailboat sounds so amazing!

sarah.flyingkites said...

So fun to look at these pictures!

wendy said...

Great pics Ann, glad you enjoyed your time in Grenada. We loved having you on our Yacht Baraonda and have enjoyed watching your video too of the underwater statue park.
Wendy and Craig