Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Life in pictures...

 We had a very nice evening at open mic @ Union 50 on a cold night that kept the crowd small :)
 The kids in ChA are now drawing Europe, Russia, Asia... doesn't Noah looked thrilled ;)  I continue to spend several hours a week prepping lessons for Latin.  Really...I'm loving it.  It's been really good for my brain to review all of the subjects we are covering and to dive into how Latin sentences work. A lot of work...a lot of mental reward.  
Oh, and when we play the countries of the world game, I now tie with the kids which is...a huge accomplishment for me. ;) haha
 She says she's not good at drawing maps... ummmm.... compared to whom...?
 Finally cold enough to make snow at Perfect North for boarding...Gi and I went tubing :)

 In her "Snow gear" as she calls the snow clothes she and daddy got on their date together. :D  Considering how small she is...they may last a surprisingly long while.
 I've turned into a total escape room junky...we haul people to them whenever we can convince someone to go with us... :D  So there is your warning if you come to Indy to see us. ;)

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emilykate said...

I just love the atmosphere at Union 50...and the food...and the drinks. We should meet there some night. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

I would love that! :D