Sunday, January 17, 2016

re-claiming spaces...

In the new year I've reclaimed two spaces in the house.  I remember my mom using that term "reclaim the surface or reclaim the space".  In her definition , it's when a room gets filled with clutter (and in our house bikes and snow boards) until finally it's reaches an insanity point that needs attention.  The laundry area downstairs was such an area as well as the office upstairs.  Here is the workout area...the office is up next.  Aren't you so lucky to get a tour... :D

The rowing machine has been nice for casual cardio, I also have a very cheap stair stepper back under the weights.  I use the rowing machine much more often.
 Luke installed a bar for me!  I've been using a chair with some good barre videos which was fine, but if there is a shortage of space, putting up a bar is very streamlined and I think changes this whole space to being way cooler looking.  The big mirror was $79 from TJ Maxx which I thought was a pretty fair price for a a huge mirror.  If you flip off the lights and just have twinkle lights or a candle burning, it's like a little retreat space now. :D  Edging the puzzle pieces of foam have kept them from drifting completely so that is fixed.  We had to edge with two pieces of duck tape so it would wrap all the way under and hold better.  I would order the foam again if I had to choose-I got a few extra in case one of them gets a hole in it which seemed inevitable.  
 When I'm tired during a hard part of a barre workout video...I glance over at these hanging medals and remind myself that I don't have to bike fifty miles or run through a cold creek and should stop whining ;) haha it works...sometimes.
 Willem and the boys have used this mat and the swing a lot!  While it's annoying that they are in my space I've whittled out of the's nice seeing them smiling so big while not looking at a screen.  I've kept up with laundry way better since fixing up this space because I'm down there more and am prompted to throw in a load of towels. :)

 I tried a salmon salad recipe with rocket greens that was supposed to be super light and good for me...the buttermilk dressing was bland and I didn't like it all that much.  So I just added what I would to make crab cakes and saved it with butter and olive oil.  No longer "light" but it tasted WAY better.   I have my basic recipes for fish cakes, pasta...salad...and soup that I fall back to most days with variations here and there.  I'm becoming more and more fine with that.  :D
 I did add spinach to the turkey noodle soup before it got slimy...because I'm an overachiever like that! yes! :D score: spinach freshness 5 : me 1. I need to start buying it frozen.
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