Monday, January 11, 2016

hiking around in pictures...

Luke and I continue to train for our upcoming Spring hike despite the weather.  To be honest...I sometimes don't want to go out in the cold but am always glad when we do.  I don't want to hibernate like a bear all winter and this has helped us get out and breath some fresh air this time of year.  Some pictures of our last venture since my glove had (I happily discovered) one of those heated fiber tips and I could snap a few pictures without taking them off. :D
 This picture taken purely by accident...kind of crazy this is where I'm at and Jenny was flying south toward the equator... ice everywhere!
 made it two miles to the coffee shop picture!  As requested by Amber :)
 We lined our jeans with thermal leggings and wore Wright socks which are a double layer.  That with a couple layers under our jackets and we survived the 12 degree weather pretty well.
 Our water hoses completely froze solid...
 Turning our surroundings into a ski lodge... :D
 We both have been hiking in trail running shoes...which are light weight and not as restrictive but if you are carrying a heavy pack, they don't prevent twisting an ankle on uneven terrain...or say...a sheet of ice...which we were trekking on most of the time this night in particular.  So caution is key and not taking any surface for granted is part of the hike.  We have under 30 pound packs so are taking the risk of not wearing boots up the ankle.  These were shockingly warm on the hike even though the top of mine are vented.  I kept waiting for the cold to set in since my hands started to freeze, but my feet were fine.  Maybe they were more out of the wind.  It was so cold there was no slush so our feet never got wet which was key.
 Luke likes the speed cross and I prefer the Mission trail shoe but both are Salomon brand.  The mission shoes have a wider toe box which I prefer so I don't bang up my toes.  If my toes touch the front of my shoes I about go that's the story on that. :)   Trail shoes have a sturdy base on them and don't twist or bend as much as our typical running shoes do that are minimalist.  It's needed with the added weight though and I'm getting used to it.   
 Crazy night out on the town as it got dark.  It was fun seeing people's reactions to us outside in the weather... with packs and poles :D  glad to be of some entertainment. :)
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T and M said...

What a crazy fun adventure! I forget when you are going to the Grand Canyon, but we did some low key hiking for a day there last year, as low key as the Grand Canyon can be ; ) and caught some ice and snow there and it was amazing!!

emilykate said...

Ha, love this!

J and A said...

haha, thanks for humoring me! :) It totally made me think of you when I received an REI email that talked about trail hiking/running a couple of days ago. I think you guys will definitely be ready for the GC... shoot, if there is still snow there, you may be even more prepared then the average visitor! Are you guys planning on doing the go down, stay overnight, then come back up?

by the way, i was so shocked to see the frozen water tube picture. Crazy. Did it affect the tubes at all? Were you guys still drinking the water the whole time and it still slowly froze over?

L, Ann and boys said...

we are doing a trail call Tanner to Grandview that takes 5 days to complete. The guides will handle the food which is good because we've never done that before and would probably take to much or too little. :D
We didn't drink our water along the way so that's probably why it froze so fast. With it being so cold I didn't really feel thirsty. ;) We had water with our coffee though when we finally got there. :) I hope we're's long trail. I'm sure we can finish it at our current level of training but I want to be to the point that we aren't super super sore each night getting no sleep because of it. :) Here's to hoping the winter trekking pays off. :D