Thursday, December 10, 2015

Life in pictures...

 Gi is so tiny she can wear her coat and hat from last year.  She also got some foxy foxy shoes which she calls her foxy-loxies.  This I think is very cute.  Please do ignore the shreds of paper on the steps.
 Quiz bowl night at our house for Noah's Challenge A class was a grand success. :D
 I made tiramisu for the quiz bowl and forgot to serve it- brilliant
little fingers found there way into it the next morning as Gi now joins the boys in raiding the refrigerator at will.
 We are training to do a 5 day hike in the Grand Canyon in the Spring-carrying packs is harder than I thought originally.
 One part of Noah's blue book assessment at the end of the semester-so proud of him for getting the Western Hemisphere in his brain :)
 Ash is having a little girl and Kait is having a boy. :D
 With Luke's family in southern IN for the week- Nay Nay rides a goat
 of course there was some target practice
 I liked this lamp- it was $700... I did not buy the lamp.  I sent a picture to Luke and I'm hoping he somehow makes it in his spare time.
 repainted the fireplace brick after 7 years is was more brown smoke tones than white.
 A bigger project than painting the fireplace was cleaning our toaster oven which had melted plastic on the glass.  So of course I took a picture of this too and sent a picture to Luke at work.  Our relationship is romantic like that.
 I finally used some grey nail polish I bought...every time I see my nails I think I look like I've been dead for a few years.  That's not really what I thought the affect would be.  It looks okay in a well lit picture that's worth something I guess... normal pink nail polish next time ;)  Merry Christmas if I don't post again until the new year.  Life be all crazy and stuff around Christmas time.

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Dmasy said...

We love you and miss you. I was thinking of you today, so I came here.