Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Jen and Prim

 Gisella Rene`

 Willem Ellis
 Adrian Michael
The Boo
 venture into one piece suite that didn't look ancient or like a three year olds...this one looked reminiscent of ballet so I really liked it.  I don't go to the beach in a cover up and get to lay on a towel undisturbed for very long, I'm constantly annoyed that suites need adjusted all the time while holding a baby or building a sand castle... this one was great and stayed put.
 I also am crazy about rash guards on kids.  with six kids...I save about an hour putting on sunscreen each trip to the beach because I just have to hit the face, hands and legs. :)

 somehow we didn't loose any kids in the pool ;)

The other one piece I liked, vintage cut and didn't feel frumpy at all to wear in real life. found on Amazon for a very reasonable cost.  Sizing was off because it was made in China in that sizing...so if you wore a Medium normally you  ordered an extra large based on sizing chart :D
 swim lessons :D

 last year throwing Will in the pool...this year Gi is big enough...time goes crazy fast...
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smw said...

Looks lovely. I love the ballet suit. Where did you find such a cute thing?

L, Ann and boys said...

that one was an Amazon one too. They were so cheap I ordered two of them hoping one would work. Shipping them back to China costs as much as the suite does...so it's a commitment to keeping them even if they don't fit right. ;) They both did though shockingly. :)

smw said...

So fun!! Rach buys Eve stuff like that, too. Brave to try it for you though, and awesome it worked out!!