Monday, September 21, 2015

Day at the fair in pictures...

Last picture of Noah without braces (for a while) in the morning...
 Once the braces were affixed, we boarded the train for the indy Fair with the three oldest.  I would show a braces picture but he smiled with his mouth closed in all of them :)
 We enjoyed the vintage aspects of riding the train but it wasn't cheap.  I had the kids pay for their fare with their own money...not to be mean...I wanted them to appreciate and enjoy it more-not sure if that actually worked ;)

 We had about 30 min before it started to rain...
 So we ducked under a tent and ate something fair-ish (lamb burger) and then headed to the dairy cow barn.

 and it kept raining... I have to say...that I loved the rain.  It was banging on the rooftops and it made the barns seem warm and cozy in a very nice sort of way...
 still raining...but we found things to do until it let up

 onto the rides...!

 I actually rode the the roller coaster with the boys...I don't really like them but...I rode with them.  Jude's smile is worth the effort. ;)
 wasting their few dollars on impossible to win these the way they are set up ;)

 The ice cream at the dairy barn was not overpriced and so yummy.  All and all a good day at the fair. Glad I only brought the older ones though-hard to keep everyone together even on a rainy day when it wasn't super busy.
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emilykate said...

fun! I was sad we didn't make it work to go this year. We did consider the train...but yeah kind of annoyingly expensive!