Monday, August 10, 2015

French Lick IN in pictures...

I couldn't get over the tile floors the whole stay... :D

 Updated murals from most recent renovation...
 These flowers are real... so nice :)
 The French Lick hotel 
 Dinner at a German restaurant per my begging we stop at three different places and eat a little at each...
 rebel at heart...I sat before being seated in a mini chair...
 I really like the atmosphere of this place a lot
 the group seated above us were pretty loud but it was a funny sort of happy loud- not too annoying

 S+P earings anyone?
 Salad plate...
 Sausage plate
 very good creamy broccoli soup
  We were full after the schnitzel... decided to forgo stopping at other restaurants that night as originally planned...

 happy anniversary #13
 Diverted spring water into a ditch...smelled like sulfur
 I had to get my toes in it just because...the rocks felt slimy, water was very cold
 West Baden...
 cap over one of the original springs...
 West Baden (named after a german spring) less than a mile from French Lick hotel

 Largest free standing dome... in the world based on reading material at the hotel.
 lights around the pool
 Day Two-horse back riding

 West Baden in the morning
 After being discharged from Paoli hospital-I had a traditional mineral bath soak (I checked with the doc first :).  It's the original business plan behind French Lick so it was really interesting.  A doctor opened spas around the springs because the the alleged healing benefits back in the day.
 We grabbed lunch here before heading out
 The restaurant at West Baden we were going to eat at for our anniversary, but we went to the German place across the street instead...I think when we come back to use the free round of gold and redo this weekend that we'll have to eat here.  It was a beautiful dinning room.
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