Thursday, June 25, 2015

The shake etc...

This shake is keeping me up and going these days and I simply had to share.  It's not all I'm eating of course...goodness no, but it's a nice recovery shake or morning shake to be sure.

Before I even post the ingredients, I'm certain I have to say that eating raw or undercooked eggs can kill you dead or at least make you feel sick so I don't get sued or something.  I live on the dangerous side I guess because I use raw eggs in tiramisu and in this shake with very little worry.  They are from our back yard though, so that may be why I'm confident the eggs are not covered in bad bacteria because our hens seem healthy enough.  If very concerned about the raw factor but you want the easily absorbed proteins from uncooked eggs, just pasteurize a dozen eggs in water at the beginning of the week to have on hand (easy instructions).

What I put in a blender for a single shake:

One frozen banana (keep them in the freezer to have when I want a shake)
approx 1/4 cocoa powder but I don't measure it
one scoop of RAW protein powder (I'll use other brands as well, but like it if I can use a non-milk based one to vary my diet a bit-I also avoid ones with fake sugar-yuck)
A splash of olive oil or low flavor/orange cod liver oil (approx 1/8 cup)
a handful of ice cubes (approx 5 small sized ones)
Approx 2 cups of whole raw milk (of course normal milk or milk of any kind is coconut or almond milk)
Annnnnnnnnnd one raw egg (two if they are very small)

Note: powder won't stick to the side of the blender as much if dumped in from top while the blender is running so it pulls it down through the center of the shake instead of to the sides.

This shake is great pre-workout if you give it 20-30 minutes to settle (optimally).  Also good to end a workout with it to recover and not be overly sore.  I know this shake (or any good protein shake really) is a big deal because if I don't make one after long workout, I'm wondering around the kitchen hourly trying to figure out what I'm supposed to eat but nothing sounds good.  I also don't sleep as well if I do a workout late and don't drink this down.  Don't skip out on adding the oil so that it's lighter... and don't look up how many grams of fat are in the oil, your brain and nervous system are made of fat so don't starve yourself just eating carbs.  Not that carbs aren't great...I love carbs. ;)  
 This has been another workout essential that is worth the investment so far (Mio brand).  I've done several runs after riding my bike and this heart rate monitor helps me stay in the right training zones so I don't over do it or drop off into almost walking because I'm feeling drained and not thinking about my workout.  Even after I'm done with the event I'm training for, I'll continue to use this for workouts; I've been so surprised at how differently my body responds to running based on the day.  Depending on how hot it is out, how hydrated I am or what I ate or even my hormones- my heart rate shows it.  It's really good information to have so I don't get annoyed with myself for not going faster etc.  Sometimes you've got to give yourself a break. :)

And I've said it before but will mention it again, there is no way I could be running after biking etc if I was heel striking without paying for it.  So far my knees are fine and my feet are dandy (if you have problems with toe nails falling off from running, your shoes are doing you no favors...get fitted for better shoes that don't let your toes hit the front no matter what your stride is)...but I'm telling you, you'll tear yourself up without running lighter and sending less shock up your knees/legs.  Maybe I'm more sensitive to it because I'm loosely jointed and can't afford to bang my knees and hips around. :)  Here's a really cool diagram :D heeehee Sometimes just upping your tempo to 180 foot strikes a minute can fix the stride because it forces you to pull in your gate to under your center of gravity.  I get annoyed at ads in athletic magazines that have athletes with enormously spread out strikes that look crazy cool but that's not really realistic for long distance.  That would be running away from a bear stride... or apparently selling a pair of expensive shorts stride ;)

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Marcy said...

Thanks for the recipe! I look forward to trying it once my raw protein arrives. I have been trying to find good, healthy, post-workout recovery food esp with the longer workouts, as the older I get I'm noticing it takes a little more out of me. I recently was reading about raw protein and your post was just the motivation I needed to get some and try it :) I'm doing a biathlon next weekend in Wolcott (want to join me? ;) I have a duathlon on the horizon too, which is a new experience (I typically do tri's, but presently, I'm a little burned out with swimming).
What are you training for right now?

L, Ann and boys said...

Hey Marcy :D I'm training for the Muncie half iron man again. last time I tried to do it, it go shortened because of the heat being record highs. :) hope it's the full race this year so I can cross it off my list. :) I hear you on the swimming, I hate chlorine. I use a swim lotion before each swim so it doesn't absorb into my skin so bad but it takes forever to prep for the swim with all the steps. sigh... it'll be worth it when I race the 11th-I hope :D

Marcy said...

Wishing you the best with the half iron man- excited for you! Don't you love the adrenaline that goes with that level of fitness?!(and all the other benefits too, of course:) And you nailed it on the swimming process.. When life is busy, it's just so nice to grab my running shoes or bike :) I can't wait to hear how the race goes!

L, Ann and boys said...

thanks marcy! :) having motivation to train for something is great. I never have that much motivation without a deadline and race. :D