Wednesday, June 17, 2015

life in pictures :)

Finishing up my training as a Classical Conversations Challenge A tutor (picture from practicum- camp demo experiment).  Challenge A is the age group that starts at age 12;  I'm so excited about it.  I need to learn a lot more Latin before September but the challenge (pun not intended) is a good thing. 
 My new book stash... I love new books and school supplies. :)
 Christian excited about some mini golf clubs Luke got :)
 date niiiiiiight

 picked strawberries this year.  I've wanted to the last few years and just didn't ever catch it before they were gone.
 Then what do you do with them all if you don't have pectin on hand to make jam...???
 Make jam with gelatin instead of pectin I suppose. ;)  I used sugar instead of honey (I would have used a lot of honey for how much I was making) but only a cup instead of like four cups the pectin recipe says to use. I tried the vanilla in some of it but prefer it without.  It had a musty taste mixed with the lemon juice brightness.  It's still really sweet with less sugar and I'm keeping it in the freezer so the setting of the gelatin is totally enough for our uses for it- mostly on toast. :)
 That's all the sugar for 14 cups + of berries :)
 It set fine. :)
Noah had a birthday and is now 12.  We spent a family day at the water park.  This broken water sprayer amused kids about as much as the water slides. :D

I've never played this but we have a little game shop by our house and it's what they guy recommended based on the games our family likes.  It's been really fun.  Happy birthday to you Noah  darling.  Heads up if you play's very easy to cheat if you are sly.  We had a big fall out after one of the games and a dig through the discard pile to find some foul play.  For shame, some lessons on ethics were in order after that. 
 The boys have been "eating" nectar out of day lillys and showing Gi how to do it. :)
 Park morning with our CC school group
 She liked to just hang like this...I'm sure the boys taught her this method of swinging. :)
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J and A said...

Good luck with the Latin-- it actually makes the English language more exciting, because you see the base of so many words. Question... are you putting Willem in this fall? Trying to decide if I want Aiden in it, or just Liam for this year? Also, what are you using to supplement their curriculum?

I can't believe Noah is 12 already...

L, Ann and boys said...

I know, it's crazy that he's 12. :) I'm putting Willem in this fall because he has to be in a class to be on campus because he's 4 now. If I had the choice I would probably wait until 5 or 6 to get my money out of it but it's good that he'll be in a class setting too, so there are pros and cons. I don't supplement the program much and focus on really getting the memory work done well and let them play outside a lot. We definitely do field trips and we have a few workbooks with test prep type questions and reading comp that they do for a little iPad time. ;) I also read through books aloud at bedtime most nights from a selection of Sunlight books. Noah will be pretty busy next year, so CC leaves more time for play in the younger years than it does in the middle school age groups for sure. :)

J and A said...

I forgot when I was asking about Willem that you were going to be an instructor with CC. :) They don't do math though, correct??

L, Ann and boys said...

They do drills and games in the younger grades (Foundations/Essentials) to memorize math facts and memorize skip counting though 15 and then squares and cubes. Once those are mastered, then they start challenge A and use Saxon 7/6 for math. It is considered a full curriculum but if parents want to supplement in math they are totally welcome to. The parents are considered the final say and they are the teacher in CC. The tutors present the lessons each week in a hopefully meaningful stimulating way and tutor the students, but they don't take the teacher role from the parents. :)