Sunday, May 3, 2015

NYC day 2...

Picture dump continues.  I edited these though- woot woot...

Started the day out right  with a travel card from the box.  Now notice that I used the word "like"  NYC instead of love, or obsess over because I'm a pretty simple girl and while I totally enjoyed this city, I would have to say that I actually enjoyed seeing a Broadway play better at our theater in Indy than the crazy hyped up theater on the real Broadway St.  The actual play was just as good of course (brought me to tears)...but I'm okay with not being sold $5 water at intermission or waiting in a huge cue line with everyone taking selfies because they are on Broadway st.
I left the note in someone's bike basket on the way to breakfast. :)
 We used this card three times on day 2.  We stood in line for our bagel in the morning,  for our coffee in the afternoon and our theater seats in the evening. :)  All were worth the wait.
 This little bagel place was NYC city to me.  There is always an idea in my head what a city is like and this place summed it all up in one setting.  The owners were taking orders crazy fast-rush-rush but when a kiddo went through line they would slow down and be so sweet.  So you knew they were being fast because these people in line had places to be and trusted the consistent pace of this place.  So NYC. :)  Respect...I respect...
 NCY city is never done being constructed.  There are literally contraction workers on every street somewhere.  There was work going on at the air port when we arrived and work going on across the street from our hotel...etc etc etc.  The point is, hard hats are part of the culture.

 Funny story.  I'm staring out the window people watching when a classy guy walks past and nearly trips while on his cell because the metal cover in the street popped up for a second in front of his stride.  It looked like the wind did it to the eye but the brain said that was impossible.  The guy on the cell phone took a glance back before stepping into the bagel shop to stand in line with nannies (with expensive strollers parked out front), construction guys, and who knows who else.  Everyone mixed together which is great. :)  A second later the metal cover opens (the guys coming into the light of day move the expensive stroller over gently) and they start moving boxes or something.  There is a whole city under the city!  Even if you've heard that, it's still kind of crazy when you see the sidewalk open up and an orange cone thrown out while eating your bagel. :) ha
 Suits, deliveries, construction and beards ... and don't forget the two tourist drinking coffee in the warm sun (errrr thad be us) all part of the comforting landscape.  I wanted to get breakfast here the next morning but we didn't because is was too risky the memory wouldn't be as sweet as the first.
 After stopping in at a running/athletic store for some comfy shoes for me and a running hoodie for Luke (it was cold on day two...winter came back for a few days cold) we hit Central Park again for a run.  We didn't feel like tourists while running. ;)

Luke was so thrilled about going in here...
 see...?... so thrilled he was doing e-mail the whole time ;)

What I got :)

We hit this coffee shop twice, so great :)

back to the hotel, cleaned up for sight-seeing (Necklace/bracelet from Thailand missions fundraiser: Living Mosaics)   I pretty much only wear necklaces when I travel...but that makes it all the more fun right? :)
So we plunged into the metro travel situation feet first... 
Why does Andria have two tickets....?...
I scanned my ticket and then pushed this like a revolving door at a mall/hotel thinking it would at least turn half way around.  It did a quarter turn and then locked again.  How embarrassing....I was still on the wrong side.  Thankfully we were early so there weren't many other people around to see my out of towner move. :)  
So sad...

We made it to China town...I took a few pictures but they all looked the same.  Street food and vendors everywhere.  I can't say I loved it or even liked it very much.
China town is kind of taking over Little Italy but in theory, Little Italy starts where those strung lights are.  It was cute if not over priced and touristy.
We didn't eat here, but I think I would have picked this cafe` because my Italian side of the family came from Palermo :)  We got gelato there though.
Didn't see the price until they already scooped it up for us-$6 for that size Luke is holding. ummm...that's not how much it costs in Italy. :/
Restaurant called La Mela like my grandma's name ;)
This is becoming a "thing" we do.  Luke pushing and holding land marks in pictures...and a very important part is a grumpy face.  He's never really grumpy about taking this kind of picture so I don't know why his face always looks so pensive. ;)  Maybe the statue is heavy ;)
Cute guy waiting in the lobby for me...ready for the Phantom of the Opera (and more metro travel) :)
The Hotel bar area
Walked through time square to get to the theater...
Batman...a Jewish man? and a guy asking batman for directions... normal time square stuff...
We chose The Lambs Club for dinner because we like the show Chopped and...
This is one of the judges restaurants.

I think since we knew it was inspired by a food made us slightly more critical...but my soup wasn't hot enough for a hot soup.
This was good (Luke said really good) but not mind blowing like Dove Tale 
and they made Luke's burger twice because it was over done.  My fish was good though.  Morel Mushrooms were a fun idea. 
Dessert was okay- if I were a judge on a show (wink-wink) I would say it wasn't quite sweet enough for dessert and I'm often one to find dessert too sweet.  I didn't eat the sugared gel thing...maybe that would have helped.  I thought Luke would but he didn't eat it either. :)
In line to get into the show even though our tickets were pre-purchased.
Waiting for showtime...
I read online it's not super cool to have curly, hard to take care of hair styles for NY streets, but I curled mine anyway. :)
at intermission with the chandelier up and the angels uncovered.  A very pretty theater.
Got back to the hotel and listened to this talented young lady play for a while  before going to bed.  Half of her songs were in French.  After she was done playing, we asked her where she was from and she was from France and lives in NY now with her husband and daughter Annabelle.  :) 
It was a good day.
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Ashton said...

Loving Day 2.:) And extra fun to get the in-person commentary along with it!:)

smw said...

I'm always glad for smart phones when I happen across cute girly shops like the yarn shop. I always know Jaret is entertained.:)