Friday, May 22, 2015

life in picture...

My little brown eyed one is getting big fast.  Still owns daddy's heart of course. :)
 We've been enjoying our first year of soccer involvement.  We live very near the park so the two older boys sometimes bike to practice which is amazing. :)
 Air brush tattoos and hotdogs for community day after a game...pretty great. :)
 And then more soccer fun over Mothers day weekend at my parents house. :)  All that mowed grass by the entrance of the subdivision...someone should use it :)
 Some say Wells looks like our kids...I don't know why... ;) ;) ha
 Wells in all his diaper glory :D
 Kurt still playing strong with Willem on his back
 Garden is growing fast with all the early warm weather. :)  The first veggies picked this year...and a caterpillar.  I'm enjoying my first pair of Berks this summer too :D

 I planted more cabbage than last year because it looked so vintage and homey when they got big. :D
 Finally the master (mini) bathroom is done! YAY
 It doesn't look that different, but it's all painted after I textured the walls, the light is changed and I hung an old antique mirror instead of the flat oval one that was there when we moved in.
 The new mirror and the new updated grounded we are really up to code people. ;)  Luke also put in a dimmer switch for the new light which is a fab feature.
 Towel hook from Anthro that has smoothed out the issue of Luke putting a towel on the toilet seat and me moving it before he can use it. ;)  Poor guy...problem solved.
 the wall texture...
 I think I got this from Aunt Mary Ann for our first little apartment 12 years ago.  It may be an umbrella holder...but in our little bathroom, it's a towel holder to save space.
here is the new light.  The other one was a panel style right above the mirror and that was an issue for me because it's basically surgery lighting and you can see every little bump on your face.  This one is to the side of the mirror and much less bright, so I love it.  It can also be dimmed even more than this if I'm in a sleepy mood and am feeling annoyed at bright lights.
 See how dime it gets...almost like a little candle burning.  It may be a pain to order another light bulb when it burns out...but Amazon should have one right?-they have everything :)
 I'm also really proud of this light because I hung it and did the electrical wiring one night when I got a wild hair to do it.  Don't worry...I attached the grounding wire correctly...I think... :P
 Little details...pretty soap from TJ Maxx and a rock from our trip to NY :)  I love rocks. 
 Peonies make everything better...
 And I'm signed up for another half ironman in Muncie...I sent this picture to Luke at work the other day.  It's a joke... really people- a joke :)  But anyone married to someone training would understand the attitude and humor behind this sign for sure.  It takes a lot of time.  No way it can be done without support.  And beyond just the time, someone who is sore all over and tired isn't that much fun to hang out with sometimes.  My idea of a great date night is sitting on the couch eating a protein bar right now.  But Luke is a rock star kind of guy... so we are still married and we plan to stay that way even if I'm crazy for the next two months. ;)
 It was time to get some new why not get a crazy pattern right? :)  They look bigger even though they are the same number size.  Maybe just not bent/broke in I hope.  I don't think I'll get hit by a car that doesn't see me in these. ;)
 How you know it's time for new shoes...
How you know you are not a heal striker :D  The shoe soles won't lie to you :)
 What Luke wakes up and sees in our bedroom every he needs to be reminded I'm training. ha ;)  Fun times.
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Heather Hoerr said...

fun that you're doing another half ironman.. I'm impressed! one day I might do a sprint triathlon... :) hope the training goes well!

T and M said...

the bike is cracking me up! train on! ( :

L, Ann and boys said...

Thanks heather! :) You should do the go girl tri at eagle creek this year. I think it's in August some time. It's s usually a lot of fun and is a sprint. It's what got me hooked on triathlon racing. :)

and Mandy...I know right..?....train on! Rain or shine....get in the saddle. :D