Friday, May 8, 2015

Final NYC pictures

We got our rental car after weaving our way out of the city via taxi...
 Made our way to Pearsall Ave to see grandma Mathew's old house in Lynbrook (not pictured, just the street sign)
 The lighthouse at the end of the south fork of Long Island-cold day

 this lobster roll cost $22 ...that's a lot of lobster!  Free hot chocolate because it was so cold out :)
 in the little town by the b&b
 where we ate a nice dinner and breakfast.
 quaint accommodations...I think the owner said it's a late 1800s house
 tiny little room in the upper spire part of house.  very cute
 super awesome stove from a fire house.
 strong coffee shop owned by a by a guy from Cuba (if I have my facts right)

 at the pier...
 embracing the local raw bar that just opened for the season
 sparkling wine vineyard tastings...

There are vineyards popping up all over the North fork...

 biked down to the water around was only three miles there but these bikes were really heavy. :)

 The house we stayed at from the road
 Walking a mile to breakfast in town the last morning
 the pond by the house
 back to the docks to catch a ferry to the other fork so we could see one last vineyard recommended by some locals we met at breakfast. A vintage fireboat

 This was a really fun vineyard, I'm glad we stopped in before flying out

 bye bye...ready to see our kiddos again :)
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smw said...

this is the kind of nyc that i would enjoy. ;)

L, Ann and boys said...

it was really nice...busy parent getting away style. :)

Ashton said...

This looks so peaceful and relaxing. Nice way to end the trip.

smw said...

Your comment on my blog made me smile. I was looking forward to seeing you a couple weekends ago-some couples were getting together there-but wasn't up to it. :( hope I'll be good by family camp!

L, Ann and boys said...

yes! Hope to see you then! It was great talking in the "house" of luxury all things considered last year. :D ;) haha

J and A said...

Loved seeing all the pictures!

Aubrey said...

OK. We had that exact stove in our house (it's a 1920s house) and just redid our kitchen. We had planned to keep it, but at the last minute worried a bit about safety, so bought a new one. Now it's sitting in our garage. Makes me question our decision seeing others are still using it!
Looks like you guys had an amazing trip.