Monday, April 13, 2015

Medieval Times in Chicago

Scott and Gigi planned a field trip for the cousins instead of getting tons of Christmas gift for the grandkids this year (though I'm not really sure how they faired in that plan since Gigi still got them cute little presents in addition ;)
Before the main event, trying not to loose kids and get everyone to the bathroom.  It was a bit crazy before we were seated.  A thousand people milling around buying drinks and wooden swords.

No silverware for eating dinner...that made things interesting...
Our sections knight in yellow...who was definitely the cutest with the best "knight hair" ;) haha  Everyone got paper crowns and the color of your crown was which knight color you cheered for.

My crush on the knight with good hair grew when I caught a flower thrown into the stands (well...caught it is a stretch...I almost caught it and the food server carrying 4 pitchers of soda in a corset had to nearly die bending down to fetch it for me)- score! :D

Our knight won the whole tournament and beat down the bad guy who showed up :D ...pretty great being the yellow crown crew.  He came up into the stands and he and the princess gave two little girls the silks of the tournament.  Pretty cute.
By the end of it...after all the screaming and cheering... Gi was pretty roasted.  We let her listen to whale sounds and lullaby songs on the way back to the hotel. Ha 

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sarah.flyingkites said...

This looks so fun!

Aubrey said...

Ha - Medieval Times is rite of passage in the IL and surrounding areas. ;) We went for G's 6th birthday and they had a blast. Mark said that was the one time he would go though. ;)

smw said...

Whale sounds. That's great. :) and I wanted to see the good hair. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

Oh if only his hair could have been captured from the stands with my phone...but alas...some things are better in real life with smoke affects. :) haha