Wednesday, April 8, 2015

flash back...

somehow in all the chaos of the holidays I didn't post pictures of our big Schafer get-together that is our thanksgiving and Christmas celebration combined.  Since this blog ends up being my family record of sorts, I'm going to retroactively post them now. :)

What looks like crazy jello shots but is actually a really nasty prepackaged asian dessert of some kind in little plastic cups.  I had to pass. :)  I don't think Laura was a fan either based on her face while eating it. :D

 Sammy feeding the masses :D
 wagering on the oldest dog...
 found some antlers in the woods...
 making medieval money purses
 Laura brought a little box that we wrote memories from the weekend and put them in there for Scott and Gigi to read later.  Very cute idea.
 They got a pig head at the butcher for midevil night because the kiddos Christmas gift is a cousins weekend in Chicago to see a renaissance faire :D  gross!
A puzzle with several pieces that could be interchanged perfectly...drove us all crazy
 this cooking surface was amazing.  We definitely made use of it for the week.
 fixing the light and dusting the's what Schafer boys do ;)  that and kissing the elk's nose for a photo op "freeze Caleb". :D haha
a new book...
 looks like Gi thinks we'll have doctor on our hands with this one...

 some zen time shooting a paper bag full of leaves. :)

 Aunt Sammy braided Gi's hair.  no idea how she got her to hold still...little girl whisperer. :D

 target practice with the baby 22
 christmas cookies

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Anonymous said...

Aw... That was so FUN! Love you all so much!:-)


J and A said...

haha... those "jello shots"... I remember those always being a hit with all my family and Japanese relatives, though I refused them as well... such nasty little things (but then, I also don't like jello ;) Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

smw said...

Wow! You guys have loads of fun activities!!