Friday, February 13, 2015

{not so perfect day} Perfect North

Well to start with...Gi was feeling better but just coming out of being quite sick the day before.  Confident that Caleb and Laura could love her while we were gone we seized the day and I finally joined the crew at Perfect North.  They've gone maybe 4 or 5 times this year already but I always stay home with the two youngest so we aren't stuck in the lodge all day.
 Adrian was with Luke's parents at a farm it was like...we only had three kids.  Weird. ;)
 And there it is!  A pile of ice balls in the middle of fields with no snow at all :D  Hooray!
 excitement in the parking lot pre-boarding...before we all froze
 On the ski lift... 20 mile an hour winds and only 20 something degrees... a good test for my new coat.  It was indeed warm enough which is crazy.  My hands were cold after several hours though.
What do you caption this...?...our family minus 3 plus 2 random people behind us ;)

I think this is how most people feel after their first day of boarding.  Why get up...?...I'll just fall on my bum again.  The snow had melted on a warm day last week and then refroze making the snow basically little ice pellets...not a soft forgiving landing for a beginner I'm afraid.
 Finished the night with food from Piada which is really yummy street food Italian style.  Yum :)
You're awesome Laura-thanks for holding Gi for me so I could fall a lot with my boys ;)

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J and A said...

I'd say it looks fun... but I'd be lying. :) Joel has learned quickly (and the hard way) that this girl doesn't do winter sports gracefully! I had to google Perfect North, because I'd never heard of it before. I wonder if he will be taking the boys there when we move closer... those are probably the closest "slopes", right?