Friday, February 6, 2015

Life in

 we have four hens laying eggs now, an Easter egg blue color, a green that looks just like our dinning room paint color, a funky grey/green color and the brown. :)
 Jude and his ice swan :)
 Gisella saw a picture of pizza in a mail flier...she walked around saying "" over and over again.  I was distracted on the computer and the next thing I knew, Adrian was asking me what temp he should cook his pizza for Gi.  He made the dough for this with flour and water :D ...which was a big mess, but I had to be impressed. :) It tasted okay too. :)
We are doing an art unit at CC so we went to the IMA for the on loan Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit 
 in the entry way...poses to me imitated are sketched in the corner of the white block
 our "Docent" that led our group :)
 I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the pieces of art on loan...
But this one the IMA owns and displays all the time...
 This is one they had on loan...
The one below is a piece displayed for the preschool age group art contest.  The painter is one of the students in our CC group, so we got bragging rights on that. ;)
There's the little artist now in polka dots very focused on pipe cleaners :)
 no one from the museum wanted to frame this picture I made of scissors in the Star Lab...not sure why not... ;) haha

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