Saturday, February 21, 2015

A party is a party...

but a Masquerade party...well...(and all you Emma fans know I misquoted that :)

The dress: TJ Maxx...possibly needed taken in, but I didn't have time to alter it. :)  It was heavy lace that fell, so I got a way with it (I hope).
 At Party City sending Luke pictures with dumb messages about what he should wear
 he was trying to put Gi down for bed and finally just quit responding... I can't blame him.. ;)

 but in the end... my date wore...
 The half mask. ;)  I couldn't smile very well in my cheek muscles hit it and it felt like I'd had Botox injections or something.   I decorated my mask I was still real proud of it. :D
 See...? haha my smile...ha
 one of the program directors in some amazing red polyester
 I spent the night drinking hot tea instead of the free wine...which probably made me look quite ancient but hey...they had a really good Tazo tea collection I couldn't  resist. :D

 ah yes...the candle light selfie in a glittery mask...everyone must have one...for like a dating profile or something (ha)...
 and then...not wanting the night to end so fast and Gi being so old and grown up these days- we stayed over at a little bed and breakfast along white river.  It was really quaint and a nice experience having breakfast with the hosts.  We talked for like 3 hours over our omelets before finally heading home to our amazing baby sitter. :D
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J and A said...

Looks like a fun time! :) Glad you guys could get away overnight as well!