Sunday, January 11, 2015

Silver bells and a date night...

***Correction to Blueberry muffin recipe two posts back!!!  baking powder should be in teaspoons not tablespoons.  So sorry about the mistake, hopefully no one made bad muffins before the correction (3 teaspoons baking power).  See recipe if you would like a few extra details I discovered tonight making them again. :)

Our simplified allowance system so far pictured below.  We started out with mason jars and was bulky and I thought quite ugly to look at on top of the piano.  So now we have shot glasses with bells.  They start with 10 silver and 3 gold for the month.  The silver ones can be taken away for bad behavior.  Silver bells are earned for extra jobs we give them above and beyond their normal chores.  And gold bells are given if they do a really big job without being asked (which again, can't be taken away for bad behavior).  Some days there is quite a lot a of bell swapping into the reservoir jar-some days not.  It's been working surprisingly well though. :)  They get a dollar per bell at the end of the month; two go to church and one goes right back to me after I hand it to them for taxes. ;)
 And then there is Mimosa and a Masterpiece.  Luke was amazing enough to come with me on a date night here.  I think they probably sell quite a lot of mimosas to poor boys that get brought in against their will.  Luke was a good sport though, really.

 Here is the image we were supposed to paint, it's a play on Stary Night with an Indy skyline :)

 The owner sweetly offered to take our picture...ha...such a winner. ;)

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Marcy said...

I had my 16 yr Sheila make your muffins Sat. evening and in the middle of making them she says 3 Tablespoons? I was like No..that has to be teaspoons!! Lol. So glad she has enough experience to catch that one :) They were yummy! Thanks for sharing!!
Also enjoy your NYC trip! We are planning a first time ever trip there too, in June. Can't wait! :)
Always enjoy your blog.

L, Ann and boys said...
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L, Ann and boys said...

Sounds like Sheila has a good head on her shoulders at a young age! haha So glad she didn't waste her time due to my oversight! :P Glad you enjoyed them too;)

sarah.flyingkites said...

great bell idea!

A fun date night too - that last pic is great! :)