Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years in pictures...

I've been spending a good amount of time day dreaming about and researching a mini trip to New York sometime in April. Luke purchased old maps of the train lines on Long Island for my Christmas gift and we plan to swing through Lynbrook where my Grandma Carmela was born. So so super excited about it as I've never been to the big apple.  And he says he's not good at gifts...he lies.

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 I made some pad thai for a sibling get together at Ashton's.  Yum :)  I'm finally getting somewhat comfortable making thai dishes (but I still have a lot to learn).
 Mia approved which made me feel legit ;)

And then it was off to Caleb and Laura's for a few days.  Caleb opens a belated birthday gift of golf balls.  We're pretty big spenders when it comes to birthday gifts. ;)
 Laura had made mini lava cakes with peanut butter from scratch.  Yes please.  I promptly returned to my no sugar rules after eating this if you were wondering.  And boy does sugar taste good when you haven't had dessert in a while. :)
 Some kind of asian sea food fritter she made for dinner.  Very interesting to watch the prep on this dish.
 kids eating the fritters off little chop sticks and the spread ;)
 We somehow convinced the boys to put these on and try to figure out what they were via questions while they watched football.  Hilarious.  
 haha... Laura you crazy thing.  Talk about a wild new years hu? :D
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emilykate said...

I haven't loved pad thai recipes I've tried...still one of those things I'd rather get takeout. :) Yours looks great!

L, Ann and boys said...

I hear you Emily. I was always like...I just spent how long making this and it doesn't even taste that great. Kait said this recipe was (in her opinion) better than take out because she could taste all the flavors. I still think it has a lighter taste which can be good and bad. I used olive oil instead of sesame because I didn't have it with me. I think toasted sesame oil or similar deep flavor oil and very high heat while tossing in pan make the difference in flavor if I had to guess. :) get a good growing on the meat if using as well...but you knew that already ;)

L, Ann and boys said...

browning not growing...on the meat ;)

Aubrey said...

Your first photo makes me think of our house lately. Mark & I are headed to NYC on Friday for his 40th (which we love - our 5th time there!) and we have been living on lately, too. Maine had to do an ancestry project for school and Mark & I got way too involved. Those genealogy sites are so intriguing!! We've been looking at census lists till our eyes cross! :)

J and A said...

Yum, we love pad thai, and now I'll probably be craving it since Joel is on a no nightshade kick and I can't have it. I might have to go for your recipe tho- mine calls for tamarind, and I can't seem to find it out here as easily as I did in MI.