Saturday, January 31, 2015

Luke's birthday...

Caleb and Laura came down to surprise Luke for his birthday.  Fun times :)  When we climbed into the van to head to our first mystery destination...I got Luke pretty good by lamenting that I had left my yoga mat!  Haha... He thought he was doomed to the hot room on his birthday.
 The spider monkey :)
 Luke's dad (and Rich) flew into Indy for business and swung in just to sing happy birthday before driving home.
good thing they aren't competitive with each other... ;)
 Caleb's hands... gross! :P

 Then we went to have chair massages done but got there we toured the Asian mart next door for a little while... Luke picked out a birthday gift or two ;)  Laura got some oyster sauce...
 Then Luke couldn't let the fun end and said we should do a Japanese steakhouse even though it was like 9 pm... he starts to wake up after ll pm usually :)

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emilykate said...

fun! Luke and his brother look so much alike!