Thursday, January 8, 2015

Classical Conversation overview...

This post is by request from a blog reader interested in how CC is going so far.  

{the long summary}

We made it to midterm and winter break all in one piece.  For me, one of the harder parts was probably lugging in Gisella's travel bed (bless the makers of the Bjorn light weight one) and setting it up for her nap every week.  But I can't complain.  She went down for a nap every week in one of the back changing rooms where the baptism robes are kept in the church sanctuary.  Surely the pure atmosphere made for a serene sleeping environment...well that and the rain sound machine on my phone cranked full volume. ;)  I signed the four older boys up for the morning session of Foundations, which is all the memory work and recitation.  In the afternoon Adrian and Noah are doing Essentials which is a lot of sentence diagraming and writing a paper with stylistic elements and vocabulary words each week.  Adrian may be a little young for that class but he's keeping up well and loves to read his papers out loud to the class.  I put them in Essentials (even though it's a lot our first year going) because I'm really bad at making them write myself, so it's a nice kick in the pants for all of us.  I don't regret it but we are all very tired when we get home at 3:30p. :)  We eat lunch as a group which is really nice.  It's a time for the kids to play, make new friends and for the moms to chat and exchange ideas and laughs. :)  Willem and Gisella are in nursery (which I take a half hour shift in each week as do the other moms with kids in nursery).  When I'm not in nursery, I'm rotating around in the boys classrooms listening to the lessons or helping if needed.  Sometimes I participate or help with a math game or in the kindergarten ages class, help them keep papers straight or stand by a student that has a lot of energy that day.  Usually it's about one parent for every three kids ratio. :)  There is a bead system in our group for good behavior (or bad behavior they are taken away).  They get beads to store up and we have a store ever six weeks that they can spend them at. :)

(Seems like I only take pictures in nursery ;)

 The bead store!! :D

{the short summary}

I'm very happy we are part of a CC group.  It's once a week which is perfect for me.  I still have to teach Christian how to read (which is fine), I'm still in charge of getting them to read their books and I grade their papers even though they turn them into the tutor during class.  It's a good balance.  I feel like they are getting a much better, more rounded education than I could do on my own.  The other moms in the group have become very dear friends which is special.  I went to an outreach meeting at a park before classes started last summer and some CC kids sang their timeline song for the group there.  I remember thinking, "if they don't learn anything else but the timeline, I'll be happy".  I couldn't imagine them learning the whole thing in one year.  But guess what, I underestimated their memorization capacity.  They are half way through the song and going strong.  In addition to that they have memorized many other history facts and all the state capitols, and skip counting too. :) So I'm more than happy with our progress.

I know...movies of other peoples kids are really uninspiring.  But if you are at all curious what the timeline song is all about, here it is in all it's glory through week 12.  12 more weeks to go.   

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Jenny Gutwein said...

Go An!!!!!!

Ashton said...

I just found out that there is a CC group that meets in W. Lafayette. Very exciting. I love having older sisters who do all the great research and pave the way.:)

simplethankfulradical said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I'm pretty sure I'm the one who requested it :)
I need to look into it more myself! I didn't realize it was co-opish. Is the whole curriculum history based?

L, Ann and boys said...

Well, it's not a true co-op because there is a fee and I don't do any of the teaching. Basically the moms just help out by being there and playing a few of the games if needed. Mostly I just watch though and soak up the information. There is a lot of history, but they do math drills, and memorize English and Science facts too. They do experiments and art different times on rotations and do presentations each week for some public speaking experience. It's pretty well rounded, but I think CC is becoming most known for it's strength in drilling in the timeline song ;) I don't feel like I understood history fully in school (home school or public) until I had this timeline in my head. :)

If interested, they do outreach meetings in the summer sometimes and they do a practicum for 3 days before you start the program to get all the info on what you'll be teaching. :) They have the materials there like books and CDs too so you don't have to track them down.