Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sugar withdrawl...

Not to turn this less sugar than normal time through the holidays into some kind of documentary but... gee wiz did I consume more sugar than I thought.  I have some pretty good reasons for it...wait, reasons may be a strong word for it-good motivators maybe.  The greatest unacknowledged being the happy hormone receptors in my brain.  The biggest one for me (I think) is that I don't mentally diet or limit my intake on anything while I'm pregnant or nursing.  Now that doesn't mean I ate like a person whose never read an article online about the difference between fat sitting in a frying vat all day (turning to plastic) and some virgin olive oil as salad dressing...but I'm digressing here.  Basically I picked up some mood boosting sugar habit highs I didn't even know I was attached to along the eating for two way.  One being about three-ish doses of chocolate a day.  Not huge amounts...but the smaller the portion, the more often I would eat it.  I didn't think that, in addition to other little cheats, this was that big of a deal.  So what if I ate a peanut butter cup as a tradition whenever I went to get our milk at the health food store-I'm human right? :)  Well... I am human, but since I quite breastfeeding a few months back, another human doesn't depend on me eating now so...
(I love you Gi...glad I didn't limit food intake for you and your brain development and all...but I don't think you needed the peanut butter cups either ;)

 On with my withdrawal symptoms:

I noticed that first thing in the morning I wanted refined sugar.  This would be my typical first hit of chocolate before eating an egg or sprouted toast with butter and jam.  There were other times of the day that I habitually wanted it too. This means it's habit forming; something akin to what a smoker would feel when it's time for a normal scheduled smoke.  This annoyed me as I don't like to be controlled by things...especially my own self. ;)  It took about a week to wake up without that expectation of chocolate or sugary cereal like honey nut Os. :)

After about five days, I got a very mild headache that would come and go for two days straight (I hardly ever get headaches unless it's about to rain and there are pressure changes)  It wasn't felt like something pushing out of my head from the inside.  Like pressure.  Hard to describe.  Been fine headache wise since then.

I had sleepiness!   I've only ever experienced such total sleepy headedness in my life during pregnancy or after finishing a long triathlon event.  I fell asleep on the couch mid-day with the kiddos running circles around me (Luke was home) and the next morning slept in until....wait for it....11:40am!!!  Luke just let me sleep.  Crazy.  I don't think I've ever slept so much (since we've had kids at least).  I don't know what my body was doing...hopefully reorganizing or detoxing or something.

I was foggy headed for about seven I would say the wrong words even...not put things together as well when Luke and I would be talking.  At one point he even said "I think you need some sugar or something." Ha :)  I would respond with nonsensical things like "I'm toxing out..."
After about a week I got an energy rush and felt like we should have four more kids ( ha), found Noah's long lost retainer under the bed (where we looked already...thoroughly.... before), thought I should publish a book, couldn't sleep until after 1 am one night and took the light off the wall in our bathroom.  I'm serious...I got a chair out and ripped (after taking out screws) the light off the wall.  I never liked that light much and with the light bulbs out, it just looked worse.

                                           See?  Andria was here....

 And why stop there?  Last night I decided to add texture to the walls in there too.

 If I'm not icing Christmas cookies...ha
An after photo to come of the light we end up with in there.

You get the point though, extra energy once over the initial drag.  I'm still eating honey and some yogurt that has 16 g of sugar in it daily...I'm being careful to drink Kombucha or take a probiotic in case some bacteria in my human hotel is dying off from lack of food via sugar too.  I just think it's crazy how extreme my response was and I didn't even think I was being all that crazy strict (or eating that much refined sugar to begin with).  I planned to do this through the holiday season, but I doubt I'll be totally returning to my previous style of eating come the new year.  I need to be able to find expensive retainers under bunk beds on the first try, not when I'm cleaning up candy wrappers under there.  I guess that comes at a cost of not being strung out on heroine.... I mean sugar. ;) ;)
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Oh and look what I just found (ref) after being so happy about my new found energy and blogging about it... looks like I'm headed for the end of honeymoon phase into a wall soon...swell:

  1. Withdrawal Stage: This first stage lasts up to 15 days and may be accompanied by fatigue, pain, anxiety, and depression.

  2. Honeymoon Stage: During the second stage, a period begins that is the opposite of withdrawal. The honeymoon stage is often accompanied by feelings of energy, optimism, and confidence.

  3. The Wall Stage: Eventually, the over-optimism of the honeymoon stage wears off. This is the time when most relapses occur due to the reemergence of feelings of anxiety and depression.

  4. Adjustment Stage: The next stage is a period of realization and acceptance that change is a lifelong struggle.

  5. Resolution Stage: The final stage of withdrawal occurs after six months of sobriety or abstinence.


sarah.flyingkites said...

hahaha! :)

. . .

I may need to come back to your blog for reference, say, maybe around January 5th or so ;)

J and A said...

Love it. :)

Though, I can't say I'm on board with either you or Sarah's challenge-- I'll pull the prego/nursing card. I did try limiting my intake to less then 2T a day, in 2t increments (supposedly that's all your body is made to handle), and it was hugely hard, because sugar is in everything! It lasted a couple weeks... pretty much til after the withdrawal was over and I felt like I had climbed Mt. Everest.

But I thought about doing no sugar again, and I really can't prescribe to that right now-- not unless I want to be doomed for failure... :) I'll probably try the sweets only 1 day/wk (with the exception of maybe one piece of dark chocolate/day) and see if I can manage it!

L, Ann and boys said...

best wishes Amber! :) I think it's very hard while pregnant because my blood sugar is so crazy with a baby on the way. I usually wake up in the middle of the night 3rd trimester to eat cereal! ;) I know that Rachel L (your sis in law/my cousin) does low sugar while pregnant though to keep birth weights in check and that has worked for her. Not sure how she stays motivated though. :) There is sugar in everything, you are so right. I made egg nog yesterday for our Christmas with honey and it was a really nice treat I didn't have the guilts over. :) I'm finding my ways to cope. ;)

emilykate said...

I can imagine!

T and M said...

lowering my sugar intake almost always seems worth it this time of year because it keeps me healthier : ) You'd think i'd learn...after 2 days of too many christmas cookies the flu hit hard last week....but some things are worth it in the short-term!? Anyways, my resolve is strengthened to go back to eating minimal sugar so i feel better. Good luck with heading into that wall!