Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Connor Prairie around Christmas...

At the entrance so happy it's open because last time we came it was closed even though the google ad said they were open for the day :)
 lets be honest, I like this picture of me not Gi ;)
 Gi trying to eat raw cocoa nibs at the cocoa demonstration :)  They did pass out some that you could eat later and made some hot cocoa to sample too.
 Willem enjoying his hot cocoa with cinnamon. It was unique tasting as it was made with freshly ground cocoa and sugar from a old school cone they scraped.

 After a bathroom break... ;) 
 In the indoor play area in the make a tent display
 Awww....my little dolly.  She walks really pigeon toed still ;)  My mom says she gets it from her :D
 And when she got sick of the tent display, she found my makeup...
 cut out ginger bread men, he did this at the craft area without me.  The employees in the play area are really great. :)
The ginger bread house display.  We are so going to enter one of these some year after seeing all these super cute projects. :)
Jude's favorite 

 no monsters under that tiny bed ;)
 The end :)

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Shana said...

So totally random but in the pic of the kiddos after the bathroom break I noticed their hair colors are like in a gradient :) you have two with darker... two with medium and two with blonde.

sarah.flyingkites said...

I literally lol'd on that 2nd pic. your honesty kills me! :)

your kiddos are daring!

L, Ann and boys said...

ha...Shana, I would never have noticed that. Luke and I have such different hair color it's like anything is possible when we have a baby ;) And Sarah I love it when you comment on here ;) haha