Monday, November 24, 2014

Field Trip :D

groupie...or is this just a selfie of Will?  I'm not sure...
 my phone default event start time is 9am.  This field trip started at 10:30 am.  We got there at 9am...that's pretty much the whole story on that...
So what do you do with an extra hour and half, downtown Indy...with six kids 11 and under?  Well you go shopping of course!  Wasn't that your fist thought?  Not mine either, but we parked and TJ Maxx was conveniently right across the street, so we clamored in to get out of the blustery day weather.  I bought the boys some "Christmas Program" shirts-kind or felt like we should buy something after using the bathroom and pushing every button on every noise making toy in the store for an hour. :)
We even had time to take pictures in the purse section.  I mean... we were really living it up :D
 After a few rides up and down the escalator...(translated aprox 20xs)... and a blueberry bagel from Panera, we started to see our group arrive. woot woot! :)
 What we ventured downtown to see...
 being a hands on drum museum, they did more than "see".  This was the nosiest field trip I've ever been on.  Gi would start to wander off, and then come running back (tripping most of the time) when the gong whole resonate through the whole building.

They called our CC director up to lead the drum rhythm at the end :)  Fun times had by all.  I'm double checking the start time next trip though.  
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sarah.flyingkites said...

as my elderly neighbor lady would say, "wow, she's got good nerves!"

how. do. you. do. it.

Those first pictures during your shopping trip were hilarious.

L, Ann and boys said...

I kept waiting for the whole thing to melt down...but they don't get be downtown often and seemed somewhat docile in light of the city sights. ;) ha I'm pretty keen on seeing stage one of operation meltdown at this stage of my life and I'm walking to my car before stage 3 no matter what I paid for the field trip. ;) haha

Ashton said...

So great.:) Love you!