Sunday, November 9, 2014

Are you still taking pictures...?

Considering two people (that know me relatively well) have asked me this question recently...I've pondered the fact that I never post fave session pictures on this blog anymore.  I've simplified Francis Noara Photography's web presence by using a third party proofing site and a photo blog only.  This was due to me not wanting to update the photography site I had...ever.  The "photography" page tab above has the new links if interested in all that business. :)  So without further delay...some favorites from a recent sessions

I mean...could two little brothers be any cuter? :D 

 brother cuteness strikes again... switch.  More major kid cuteness. :)  Loved this kids hair

these girls love their cute...I think he likes them back ;)

And this little guy Emmet...I may have posted a single picture of him before.  Still love the newborn shoots so much. :)  I can hold a little one for a bit and ooow and ahhhh over "all that hair"

 Every part of a baby is kissable...

 This little guy was like a week old and super duper alert already. :)
Don't let the smile fool you...this kiddo was the cutest little stinker pants.  My favorite. :) ha   And while I did take many family pictures at these sessions...I posted the ones I thought were more fun to look at and not so much the group shots. :)

 his mom brought the cutest props for his bibs :)

 daddy holding his boy...and his boy's half eaten banana :D haha

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emilykate said...

I think Heather put a couple of their pictures on Facebook or something and I knew right away you had done them. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

awww...that makes me feel pretty good Emily :)