Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Apples...expensive ones...

shoot...they know that you want smiles like they can charge $4 for a little bag full of apples like the one Will is holding (bigger bags were $16 :/).  For a girl that grew up down a country road from a few apple trees we could pick from whenever we wanted to- it was a little steep.  It was a very pretty orchard though.  Cold day but it warmed up...eventually
 These two...quite the little romance they have going on
 We met Jen and her little ones there so it was a party
 Love you Jude man
 Luke was on Gisella patrol

 Luca breaking it down...just because
 Noah has no time for these dumb pictures many other things to do
 The corn maze proved to be quite educational...and long

 Adrian looks sad here, but really he was happy to stand by me and is giving a heartfelt hug honest ;)
 donuts...whaaaaaaat? :D
 Lunch (sort of) from the little food/gift shop
 electrical spools made awesome
 she's walking :)
 but more often is carried by her Jude anyway
 before loading in the car... I told them to "RUN!"

 So that's the end...a nice fall morning :)

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J and A said...

How fun! :) Was the orchard in Indy? We can pick up bags of local apples at TJ for $3.50, but we'd pay the extra 50 cents for the "experience" (although we are the ones laboring ;) Although they are local, it seems there aren't any orchards near us, only pumpkin farms.

L, Ann and boys said...

yes, it's Indy. There is more than one farm. I'm not sure what the pricing at Stuckey's is compared to Tuttle's. I should price around :)

sarah.flyingkites said...

how fun is this?

And love seeing pictures of your little gal and hubby together :) so sweet.

emilykate said...

I guess it's the experience you pay for, huh? :) Such a cute family!

Kaitlin said...

Aw...this made me smile. These photos have a lot of vibrance to them. :)