Sunday, October 5, 2014

A formal black tie event...

I always hesitate to post pictures of formals, but I love it when others do,'s to hoping it's not ostentatious (I just wanted to use that word I think ;).  Here we are all cleaned up for a Cystic Fibrosis fund raiser event.  I wore a dress of Jenny's. :)
Raffle tickets were these flashing rings that hurt my (pathetically light sensitive) eyes so I put them on my feet.  I got some sweet compliments on how "artistic" this was. haha oh my... I told Luke it felt (and looked) like I had a deformed toe or maybe a very large wart. :D haha  Still better than it flashing in my face on my hand though.
This sign says "bid baby bid" and is being held by a little 9 year old kiddo with CF.  Ya...we all probably bid more than we had intended because of this idea.
 And totally unrelated: Adrian and Noah's entries for the IMA O'Keeffe art contest :)

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sarah.flyingkites said...

this is a fun post - thanks for sharing :) I totally had to google that O word, btw :)

I'm quite certain if my hubby were a doctor and I had to attend these events, I would show up in a hoodie - you pull it off very well! :)

leah said...

i agree - glad you shared! you look guys look great!

leah said...

...and by that i mean "you guys look great"

(it's Monday...i get my words mixed up)

L, Ann and boys said...

haha :) I totally read it as intended...I'm a little dyslexic like that. :) ha Thanks Sarah...A hoodie sounds pretty fantastic. ;) Hope the definition was satisfactory and worth looking up. :)

emilykate said...

Fun! I always wish we had something like this to dress up for from time to time!