Monday, September 22, 2014

Life in pictures...

We had our first school field trip of the year...Connor Prairie in the Fall
 The indoor play area has been revamped and I love it.  Really well done reading and craft areas along with the role playing and make believe play areas they had before.

 The village Doctor explaining blood letting and leaches...lovely :)
 Union soldiers in training-this drill sergeant meant business... ;)

 Our sugar baby watermelon :D  So many seeds, but hey...we grew a watermelon people.  Tasted like one and everything.
 My biggest heirloom tomato. :)  My grandma Carmela always said yellow tomatoes have less acid or something like that; I always think of her when I see them because she liked them. :)
That's miles y'all...that's right...I left the house and didn't come back until I'd ridden to Noblesville and back.  Boom!  I'm loving these fall days.  Amazing
 I think Gisella is figuring out that she has a face ... :D lets hope it doesn't lead to selfie addiction in future years.

Next up...our second field trip to Merango Cave IN :D

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Sarah said...

Love her beautiful dark eyes!