Monday, September 8, 2014

coop update...

Painting painting and more painting after that.  I hate painting. ;)
 The boys loved it though...for 5 minutes each before boredom set in.
Christian stuck with it a little longer than average :)  He's got to take care of his birds I guess
 getting there...
 The handles and locks go on...
 White paint inside finished... albeit not perfectly done if looking really close ;)
first official run around in the coop before it wast totally finished outside and ready for the birds to move in.  We used sand in the coop for the first time.  We'll see how that goes.
 fluffy got the drift that this is a higher rent coop and started laying eggs again after being broody for several months. :)
 This morning I cracked an egg of ours on the left and a free range organic egg from Trader Joe's on the right.  Both good eggs, but I think you can see the difference in the white for I took a picture of course... all this coop building and back breaking work better make a decent egg for lunch! :D
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Sarah said...

I am so impressed!! Wow.

It looks like you live in a curious what your neighbors think of this! :)

emilykate said...

Nice! Like the side-by-side egg comparison.

L, Ann and boys said...

We are pretty close (as in friends not distance) to our neighbors on both sides of us. One of the neighbor boys watched some of the chicks hatch and has kind of been part of the whole journey. :D He takes care of them when we are away too. Besides that, we've had other neighbors come by and see the coop if their kids have talked about the chickens because a lot of kids come over and play with them. Most people think it's pretty great...mostly because we let kids hold the chicks probably. ;)

Our chickens mostly stay in our back yard most neighbors out front and around us don't even know we have this going on out back because it's out of view. We clean the coop enough to not have smell issues, but honesty we didn't clean it very often when we had the small coop. If the coop and run are dry, there is no smell really at all. And in the winter everything is so frozen and dry there is no smell because of that. The bigger coop is much easier to clean because I can walk right in and we have kept it pretty tidy since kids walk right in and would step in poop otherwise. I don't think the parents would appreciate that. ;) ha