Monday, August 11, 2014

todays random word prompt...

We are home from extended family vaca in SC!  And since I don't have all the pictures downloaded I thought I would get my brain reengaged into the world of home with a random writing prompt.  It wakes me up...gets me thinking and I need that after a 12 hour car ride with six kids in tow. ;)

rules: 5 minutes only- no editing

and the word is: marble

time: 3:14 pm

Ahhhhh... marble.  It makes me think of a swanky hotel or a nice entryway.  Maybe a marble quarry in Italy or a statue.  It's a medium that can be carved and worked but holds its shape at the same time. Because Silly Puddy is moldable too, but... did you ever make something as a child out of Silly Puddy that you wanted to keep forever?  I made a penguin once.  The adults in my life said it was very good; that the wings and beak were quite realistic.  But when I set it in my room, it didn't take long for me to see that this penguin of mine was getting shorter and much more rotund by the minute.  Bummer.  Had I used marble...well...than I could have passed the work of art down through the generations. ;)  There is something parable-like that can be pulled out of this I'm sure.  As a Christian, I want to be changeable because we grow.  We change and are molded into something more like our creator as the days tick tock by if we allow it.  We become less critical and yet more discerning.  We can be more joyful and calm during the day and at the same time more sad and convicted about abuses happening in current events.  It's possible to see that there really is a season for everything and to gain trust in God's sovereignty.  But what is all that worth if we are made of Silly Puddy?  Oh no!  What if we float from one philosophy to another without ever committing and being firm in what we believe, all the way down and the bedrock level.  That penguin ended it up looking like... nothing.  It was really sad.

times up.  3:20 pm

edited spelling because... I couldn't spell sovereignty for anything ;)

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Shana said...

Enjoyed this post :) and I have the same issue every time I go to spell sovereignty.

L, Ann and boys said...

shana - ha ;) Glad I'm not the only one ;)