Wednesday, August 20, 2014

new chicks...

Don't kill me for posting more pictures of poultry.  ;) ;)  There really isn't anything too terribly more darling than budgy baby hands and fluffy chicks...and when you combine them...weeeeeeell..... lets just say I'm a fan. :D

"well, I would look at that chick there...but my cute distracting..."
"oh my word...I think it's coming this way..."
"I knew it...these things love me...."
 The chick on the right...ya, the snooty looking one with a smug expression.  That is a symbol of my falling into a delusional state in regards to chickens.  Chicks are  haha  couldn't help it.  Usually about $2 a piece.  The grey one there is the cost of ten more humble varieties.  I'll let you do the math on how dumb I am for buying it.  Even if it does have special "silver blue" feathers in it's genetic make up.
 Gisella Rene` considering swatting to death or swiping my expensive bird off the stool. ;)  
tomatoes are finally getting red.  tomatoes are sun hungry, and these don't get quite enough, so they are taking their sweet time.  They are yummy though, so that's something worth the wait.
 And the planted late sunflowers are bursting open to the boys delight :D
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smw said...

very cute pics. I have almost bought one of those stools/benches on multiple occasions. I LOVE them.

L, Ann and boys said... gets the best of us all. ;) ;)

Daveana said...

Little chicks are adorable! :)