Wednesday, August 27, 2014

life in pictures...

I've been quite obsessive about green tea kombucha steeped with mint and ginger this summer. :D  Ginger makes it really fizzy which I love.

two questions I get about kombucha repeatedly:

do you dump out the sediment at the bottom of the brewing jar: 

yes I do-I never use that to second ferment as it has a lot of yeast in it.  Dump it and only use the mostly clear tea in the jar to bottle.

what is a second ferment and how do you do it:  

You make the tea with a culture/scoby and sugar.  After that brews for two weeks+ you put it in an air tight bottle with whatever you want to give it flavor and to mellow it out and add fizz since the lid is airtight and traps the off gassing.  Swing top bottles are ideal as the lids are very tight.  Once in the bottle let it sit out at room temp for a day or two then refrigerate.  Ginger makes the tea more fizzy like ginger ale.  But the skies the limit...add blue zest...whatever you like flavor wise that goes well with the tangy flavor of the tea.  I've even had some with lavender and chia seeds added. :)
 My sister, Jenny, said there are cat people... and we (our family not her's) are chicken people... ha- I guess I'm okay with that assessment, though any label with "people" at the end makes me a little nervous. ;)
the black tomatoes have stars on top :D
 I made pickles out of the lemon cucumbers and our hot peppers :)  Hope they're good...and a bit spicy ;)

 These are not sealed, so I need to put them into the refrigerator tomorrow once they are "pickled" :)
 eating a lot of garden beans with good bacon...that would be back to basics I guess... :)
 I have never named any of our chickens...the boys always take care of that.  But I've been calling the pricey grey/blue one "Twenty" :D haha
 The boys picked an over-ripe green bean and planted the seeds in the carrot patch.  Looks like saved seed works. :)  I don't want beans planted there in late Aug...but...that's besides the point ;)
 anyone...?  What is going on here.  There are two kinds of tomatoes growing on this vine.  Big huge ones and little yellow grape/pear shaped ones.  It's not a illusion of two vines overlapping...its all coming from the same plant.  It's not supposed to be a's some kind of heirloom verity that Luke grabbed on clearance.  Does this happen?
I now have a secret (or not really all that secret) respect and obsession for power tools. :D
Doors that need to meet up in the middle evenly...the sweltering day only got hotter the more complicated that goal became. ;)
A birthday party for Poppy! :)

Ash made these flowers with pineapple slices...super cute :)
Looked like rain at the Holiday park playground, so we headed for the nature center.
The space kept them all busy for a little while. :)
And dinner at Luke and Jen's after the park.  Jude wasn't done with costumes and became an astronaut for the evening (this was before he ripped a gaping hole in the seat of his jeans and had to keep his shirt pulled down until we left and Noah got his finger smashed with a matchbox car...and a glass was shattered on the front step... ;) ha
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Amy Gerber said...

kombucha question do you get the ginger out of the flip top bottle after the second ferment?

L, Ann and boys said...

when I buy fresh ginger, I buy a bunch of it and cut the root into a bunch of thin spears. I don't cut the peal off perfectly...I jut try to get as much of the freshly cut root exposed and put the spears into a bag and keep it in the freezer. That way, it's one less thing to do when I bottle because they are ready to go. Then when I pour out the tea into a glass to drink it, I run water into the bottle and hold the swing top lid so it doesn't bang around and shake the bottle upside-down pretty hard over the sink. They come out pretty easy that way. the mint sometimes gets stuck in the neck of the jar, but I just grab the stems and pull them out pretty easily too once in reach. :) hope that helps! :D

J and A said...

Thanks for this post. :) It was a sweet reminder that my poor scoby had been in an indefinite hiatus in my poor fridge and needed to be shown some love and attention! :) Still looks healthy, so hopefully in a couple of weeks we will have some lovely kombucha in our house again!