Friday, August 22, 2014

life in pictures...

 Some boards needed painted before the plexiglass could be mounted.  No...the ladder and the paint can are not properly secured to anything. :D
me about to get hit in the face with plexiglass while taking pictures ;)

 The cleanest it will ever be...
 Luke was joking around with some dinner guests about how we make stuff around here like vanilla and hand soap and tried to totally exaggerate by saying "we even make our own .... (trying to think of random thing no one would make) dirt..."  only to look over at me looking at him weird because...we do.  It's not really a funny Joke okay? ;) ;)
Speaking of which...
 Carrot harvest
 Did you know that if you put a 1/4 of the amount of sugar listed into meringues they don't work? 
 at all... we ate them but... they were NOT crispy meringues.  Next time all the sugar goes in
 We are the late bunch starting school Sept 9th
 Oh Willem...I love you :)
 The cucumber powdery mildew update is positive.  The baking soda trick was keeping things from going crazy bad but I bought some kind of organic fungicide made by Serenade and no more leaves are turning yellow.  So I would say it works. :) We've had a lot of rain the past few days I'm not sure if it would have worked faster if the fungicide wasn't being washed off?  I don't know.
 a lemon cucumber. :)
 And the first two tomatoes (that I haven't eaten without weighting ;) tip the scale to...
 20 pounds of produce by the end of August. :D  Yay.  Now I'm really curious how much food we get out of those boxes past the goal.  If a newbie like me can grow veggies, I'm pretty sure anyone can. :)

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Shana said...

Such a chic chicken coop :)

L, Ann and boys said...

haha...chic...I like your choice of words. :)

Sarah said...

hehe love the dirt thing :)