Monday, August 18, 2014

coop building updates...

In chicken coop news... I used a table & circular saw and nail gun without loosing any appendages...which I'm quite worried about when using power tools I discovered. :)  The car siding is going up pretty fast so now I need to find the right handles for the doors.  We are going to try to do a plexiglass roof (to keep it dry and not so dark since the front side has a solid wall) on the run, but it's annoyingly expensive.  Who knew a piece of plastic would put you back a hundred smacks. :(  If we did an itemized list of what this coop is costing us, it would be safe to assume we could buy a several (....actually many might be a better word) years worth of eggs with the sum.  But, the boys are learning a lot and it's hard to put a price on education...can I get an amen? :)
 Nay-nay's first pig tails! :D  Luke was pretty smitten by them and almost went out to buy her a car or something. ;) haha
 Our stopping point last time we worked on the coop... Luke had to do something lame like go to work at the hospital or something. ;)
When we left for vacation, our lemon cucumber plant looked vibrant and green.  When we got home, it was coming down with a bad case of powder mildew. :( boo.  The cucumbers look fine, but some of the leaves are turning yellow and dying.  So I tried 1 1/2 Tablespoons of baking soda to 1 gallon of water in a sprayer today.  I'll keep you posted on if it works. :)

after spraying the leaves-they are still they look pretty awesome here. ;)

the plant has it the worst at the base...which I would assume is bad since all the growth will die if things go bad at the root... come on baking soda salt... work some organic magic! :)
 I also sprayed my cabbage plants with peppermint castile soap diluted with water.  It's being decimated by cabbage we'll see if that works as well.  I originally bought BT (which is a natural bacterium) to use, but is smells so awful I don't think I can bear using it.  It smells nothing like a natural bacteria and is a fake wintergreen color.  Hmmmmmmm.... my senses say no to whatever else is in the bottle along with the bacterium active ingredient, even if the cabbage is looking like swiss cheese these days. ;) ha
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