Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wheat grass in a Vitamix...

The wheat grass grew really fast and I'm hoping it's nutrient dense because I followed the rules and added a trace mineral powder to the soil before planting the seeds.  This picture doesn't really show how I cut it because I was using one hand to hold my phone here. To keep the grass from falling and being hard to gather in my bowl, I held chunks with my left and and cut with the right.
I wanted to add an apple for sweetness, a few chunks of frozen ginger, and some kale from the garden too.  This should be a pretty good tutorial because I did everything wrong (I feel like my plow through it personality usually results in that problem).  That always makes for a better write up of a process though-so as long as the mess was worth something right? ;)
 I just threw it all in there and added some green tea kombucha for liquid and easier blending.
 about that much... just so you know from the get go, this is not enough liquid and the grass pieces are WAY to long for a Vitamix blender.  So this is a do NOT do this picture.
 It was blending...sort of...and since it said on the tutorial I watched online to blend for a minute, I actually left it on medium/low (thinking it was safer for the blender- my kids were outside with me ;) and cut some more grass outside.  When I came back it, the texture was still not smooth, the blender smelled kind of funky hot and since I had used the tamper and not put the little plastic piece thing back in the lid, I had green slime on my ceiling above the blender and on the cabinets.  Nice.
 seeing there was plenty of liquid in there, I thought maybe it was fine to add more grass I had just cut and turn up the blending speed.  The turning up the speed was a good idea, the low speed was killing the blender...but adding more grass-NOT a good idea.  Some blender designer out there pictured a girl like me throwing chunks of grass and mortar into his/her precious blender model and installed a high motor temp auto shut off.  Mine promptly shut off as the grass wound around and a round and formed a tangled ball.  See below.
 After googling "why did my Vitamix shut off" and reading that it would reset itself eventually.  I had time to take the grass wad out and think about my actions for a moment.  This was a good thing and the process proceeded much more smoothly after this moment of reflection. :)

This grass is too long...they wrap around blender blades.
 So I chopped them up into smaller pieces with scissors.  It didn't take long at all.  Next time I'll cut the grass into smaller pieces before putting it into the blender to start with.
 I added this much water to about a half a cup grass and bladed in two rounds instead of all at once.  I added ice so the blender could catch something not just the grass.
 Now that looks more like it.
 hmmm...kind of messy...but I'd still rather clean a blender lid than a juicer I think.
 Dumped into my nifty italian made pitcher with air tight lid; the bag inside to strain out grass fiber.
 after squeezing the juice out by hand with pitcher in the sink to reduce mess.
 This looks like a lot of juice, but remember this has the water I added to it too.  I read online that it wasn't as good to use a blender because it would be diluted or the blender couldn't break down the cell walls of the grass well enough.  I have no issues with a little bit of water added...when was drinking water a bad thing- sheesh.  And the whole not breaking it down well enough...I'm not buying it.  I think people who feel loyal to their juicer purchase are posting that because I don't know how much more broken down these fibers could be.
 I mean...come on...this is all I was left in my mesh bag.  It could fit easily in the palm of my hand.  I think it broke the cell walls okay.
 first taste- Great!  Worth the effort.  The one apple made it taste sweat and it's not too strong with the water added.  Not bad tasting at all. :)  I couldn't taste the ginger though...maybe more next time.
 And to make it worth the mess and effort, I froze some in ice trays for later too since it made so much.  This supposedly keeps it fresher than in the refrigerator.

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glad you finally got around to trying this! looks like it worked fine :)