Saturday, July 26, 2014

Life in pictures...

New coop is underway!  Old one posted on craigslist.  Leveling off the  dirt for the base :)

First steps...
 The hen has been an amazing mommy so far.  Super cool to watch what she does.  First trip down the ramp...
She coached them down

 minding their own business, the mommy hen is breaking up feed and putting it in front of the chick here...
 CRAZY godzilla Goldie comes screaming in to peck at them.  She thinks they are some kind of threat to the coop.  Mommy trying to block the pecking.
 chicks running the other way behind mama hen;  I've seen Goldie get a good peck or two in though so we don't let them forage together because she simply won't be convinced that these little fluff balls are part of the gangster order.
 Showing them how to dirt bath
You know those black topped tomatoes I couldn't figure out.  I remembered that I planted a black tomato verity!  Ha, I just forgot.  They are turning all black now. :)

Since the potato bins were kind of an eye sore (and the plants were dying out too), we harvested them before the birthday party :)
 they laughed so hard at these little ones...
 3 + pounds of potatoes grew...not enough to feed us through the winter... ha ;) ...but so fun to dig out of those bins. :D
 I lesson on how to eat a bug ;)
 Christian in his glory :D

 He's making it happen, I keep changing things on him so that the roof isn't visible from the window in the house...etc etc etc... I must be super fun to work with. ;)
 The boys are LOVING the project. ;)
 Whenever he holds one I say the same thing over and over "don't squeeze it Will...don't squeeze it." haha Poor little chick.

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