Friday, July 11, 2014

life in pictures...

Our 4th of July hosts across the creek.  I love it that we are getting to know our neighbors pretty well after being in this house 6+ years.  This mom in particular will send me pictures of the her and our kids doing art projects on her deck from time to time :D

 grilled peaches with maple syrup and peach sorbet -mmmmmm
 Other patriotic neighbors gather for the wagon full of fireworks display :)  I love how the 4th brings everyone together :)
 the stash
 pretty impressive for a home show :)

 And then...after Kurt and Annie's wedding, we somehow thought it was a good idea to stop at the Whistle Stop on the way home.  

 Starbucks date this week with this little cutie :)  He actually missed his brothers after about 20 minutes ;)  The boys are becoming an inseparable pack as time goes on :)
 criminal investigation out on who cut this off one of the pepper plants 
 Finally found a flashlight to candle the eggs on day 9.  This is a very good example of what a "blood line"on a porous egg looks like.  It usually indicates a bacterial infection of a stalled egg/chick.  The reason it even matters is a bad egg can leak/explode and infect other eggs in the incubator, so I took this one out.
 This is another egg that looks questionable but I'm leaving it the incubator.  The air cell should be located in the bigger end of the egg for easy access right before hatching.  This egg must have been shaken pretty hard during shipping (likely since one of the shipped eggs was actually broken) and the air cell settled on the broad side of the egg as it sat in the incubator.  Not sure what that will do if this chick makes it to hatch day. 
The egg development of the good eggs looks farther along than 9 days as well...which means they probably hit 90+ degrees during shipping and started developing on the way here.  I saw one of the chicks moving while candling though- so there is one live one at least.  I ordered these eggs off of e-bay from a seller with good reviews; so far, I think ordering from a reputable hatchery resulted in better quality eggs the first time we hatched chicks.
 We visited Luke's family up north-I have no pictures of the pond and all the fun swimming.  I learned how to flip on the rope swing to land a dive-wooot woooot :)
Sammy's garden looks !huge! compared to my little garden boxes. She had like 8 jars of canned pickles from her cucumber plants sitting out on the counter.  I have... this little baby cucumber...
But, they are doing the best they can with the light they have.  They only get about 6 hours a day.
I do think they are growing very pretty though ;) up up and away!

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Sandra said...

Are you doing slicing cucumbers too besides your picklers?? That's about the size of my picklers. My brother however already made 4 jars of pickles so I am hoping mine shoot out soon;)

L, Ann and boys said...

Thanks Sandra! I feel like they are lagging behind only comparing to my sis in law's garden ;) I planted 6 lemon cucumber plants for slicing. I have no idea if they will be good or not...but they supposedly taste like a normal cucumber but are more round and yellow. :) I planted them late but they are in more full sun so are quickly catching up. ;)