Friday, July 4, 2014

life in pictures...

I got a nifty little scale to keep track of my 20 lbs of food out of the garden goal :)  It's kind of dorky...but I'm having a blast being a bean counter ;)  
                            may be impossible to keep accurate track of the produce because I've noticed my greatest competition for the green beans are my kids eating them straight off the plants-this I will not discourage though ;)
 like how many pictures of a cucumber plant can I post right...?...I know, I know.  I changed out the black iron trellises with these old bed post things I had sitting around.  I wanted to use the bed frame someday as an actual bed inside, but it's so rusty at this point, this is a better use I think. :)
 The garden has brought all kinds of new little creatures to our yard I've never seen before-this one has a white Mario Brothers flower on it's back ;) du du du-doo-du DU-  du
 A solution for a small city sized chicken coop/run- a small doggy playpen for the chickens to scratch around in during the day.
tried this new juice that TJs is stocking...eeeeeeeeewwwwww It's so gross.  I don't think I'll ever develop a taste for it.  It's like .... celery flavor.  :P
 But since I spent good money on it...I made a green monster smoothy with banana to cut the taste and got it down that way.  I want to figure out how to grow and extract juice from wheat grass without spending a truckload of money on a fancy-pants juicer.  I think I can do it with our blender and a fine mesh bag pretty easy...more adventures to come on that. ;)
 Inspired by handmade tomato props in Italy, I made some of my own.  Maybe not quite as cool as the ones I saw...but sure beats spending money on those metal ones.  All the tomatoes are dutifully growing straight up, not putting energy into leafy branches with no fruit, and putting out lots of baby tomatoes with fastidious sucker branch removal. :)    
 organic pest removal ;) ick 
 hot pepper turns red :D
 climbing tomatoes on the other iron bed posts :)
 this is happening :D woot woot
 wishful thinking- only 4 boxes should be filled in ;) And looks like the names are already picked out :D ha Sunyy with two "y"s hu?

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