Monday, July 28, 2014

Gisella's party...

Cake compliments of Whole Foods bakery :)
 Gisella's outrageous head piece... She would only tolerate it for 60 seconds at a time before ripping it off.  Which is a real shame since I bought it for her like 6 months ago in hopes she would warm up to them.  She ripped the head band off her baby doll from Gigi first thing too. ;)
 "get it off me..."

 mmmm-fff-mmmmmm-fff-mmmmm-fff....wearin' a romper ;D
 "one at a time please...daddy is holding me just now."

 I hope to take this picture every year- saw this on Pinterest
Randomly saw Ben at church...invited him...Gisella loved him bing at her party; thanks for going to get ice Ben! :)

a genetic rainbow :D

 cupcakes Abby K brought for my/her nephew who turned three the weekend we held the party
 cake smash...she wouldn't really dig in so Noah got her a fork...which she used. :D
 She was a little intrigued by the drip on her leg...until she became distracted with her pearls. :D

 What would I do without my little Zel baby...almost makes me cry to think of our family without her
 party winding down
 This picture is taken right where I was standing when I took a bite of a pink filled cupcake to find out what we were having.  Realized it after it was taken. :)
 Our family is big...our house is small...I love it that they all came!
 Luke's side of the family drove three hours here and three hours back all in one day... so special they came!
 cutest little guests must have taken this, it was on my camera and I didn't take it

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leah said...

This is so fun! Loved her little outfit and how she used a fork! Ha!

L, Ann and boys said...


Shana said...

ADORABLE - as always ;) such a sweet little face at a sweet party!

Daveana said...

Such a cute party! Love the mother daughter picture! Adorable! Thought the fork was so funny! :)

L, Ann and boys said...

Thanks Shana and Daveana! :D

smw said...

I love Love LOVE her entire outfit.

Sarah said...

love this post! I feel like there are so many things I could comment on! That picture of you and your babe laying on the floor....stunning :) and her outfit and headpiece...AMAZING!

Happy Birthday Gisella!

Sara Huber said...

I'm late to the party here ;) but I had to say I love all of this. Gisella is precious and I have to agree that I can't imagine life without our little girl too. What a blessing! Love that you have a smaller house and it's bursting with so much love and family!!

L, Ann and boys said...

These comments are so endearing! :D Thanks all :)