Tuesday, July 22, 2014

garden update July 21st

It's growing! :)  And Zel baby is now 1!  Party is this weekend because we were at a family camp over her birthday.  I asked her and she totally didn't mind postponing her cake smash a week so family could be around to join us. ;)
 playing with rain water in a cabbage leaf.... :D  making her a cabbage patch baby???
 he could NOT wait any longer to pick this pepper and eat it. :)
 sugar baby melon...who knows if these things will actually mature to eatable melons or not...but they sure are cute.
 final resting place of the metal trellises.  Luke is my rock star for putting it together for me and letting me change my mind all the time. :)
 One of the boys pulled up a carrot...and then they sort of got addicted to pulling them out even though they are not totally ready to be harvested just yet...
 but it's so fun because you just never know what you'll find in the purple carrot plot ;)
 see?  Too small, but who can stop them?  Not me...or at least I won't :D
 more carrot eating in pjs; also cooking potatoes in foil under fire pit coals
 put egg shells in the coffee grinder and they poured boiling water over them for the tomatoes.  I can't tell if it helped anything because it prevents blossom rot after the tomatoes start turning red...which hasn't happened yet. ;)

 actually have enough beans growing for dinner

 Wheat grass plot is growing...no juicing yet though-I'll keep you posted on that grand venture
 yellow tomato flowers are double petaled and very pretty :)
 young romain lettuce, I hope I get to eat it before the rabbits do with no fence up ;)
 all the tomatoes on the is plant have black at the top like this.  I don't know why.
 I've become interested in entomology ;) friend or foe...???

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